Guardians of the Galaxy – Where to find all Groot outfits

A complete guide on where to find all Groot outfits in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Super-hero games like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will always have cool outfits to find and unlock. You can be assured that Groot, the Last Flora Colossi, has its own set of outfits to look for. Some of the outfits are familiar especially if you’ve followed the comic and the film.

By finding all Groot outfits, it’s one of the things you have to complete to get the Fashion Passion trophy on PlayStation.

There are 8 Groot outfits in total, with 7 of them you need to find. As part of our Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy guide, here’s where to find all 7 Groot outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Where to find all Groot outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy

These outfits are well hidden in every chapter in a small interactable crate with a violet screen, and they can be easily missed if you’re not the type who loves to explore. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy does not feature a minimap, and that means you have to use Star-Lord’s visor to spot the outfit crates.

Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit

In Chapter 1, after the cutscene when Rocket fired at Groot thinking he was the unknown entity that came out of the Soul Stone, there should be a hole that you can get through to your right by crouching. There you should see the costume crate that gives you the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) outfit for Groot.

After fighting the two big Slakebeasts (tigers with squid faces), you will have to command Groot to build a bridge to move on to the waterfalls. After going over Groot’s bridge, head left and destroy the grey goo, then use your Ice Element blasters to freeze the waterfall in the cave and jump up to find this Costume chest.

Groot – Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit

Immediately after you defeat the two Slakebeasts in Chapter 3, there is a pathway to the left after you command Groot to build a wooden bridge. Along the path, you should see the white-ish grey goo for you to shoot and get past it. After getting inside the cave, you can turn the waterfall into ice to make a platform so you can reach the top to get to the costume crate to unlock the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse outfit for Groot.

Groot – Nova Corps Outfit

Once you’ve finally defeated the mind-controlled Nova Corps soldiers in Chapter 5, you will eventually get to the Electrical Room. In the Electrical Room, you should see an extendable platform to the left for you to use to progress through the chapter and a forklift to the right. Behind the forklift, you should see the outfit crate.

Groot – Annihilation Conquest Outfit

In the area where Groot will light up the area for you to see in the cave in Chapter 10, have yourself walk straight by going to the right portion of the area. You should see sharp, teeth-like rocks and a bunch of corals. Still walk straight until you see a small pathway that’s lit up by a purple light to the right.

Tip: Don’t forget to manually save once you get into this area as you may accidentally proceed to the next location that will prevent you from going back.

Groot – Impaler Outfit

Just before you help Drax move what’s blocking your way to continue the story in Chapter 12, you should see Groot standing to the left. There should be a pathway where you can pull the blocked entrance with Star Lord’s wind gun. After this, you can command Groot to build a wooden bridge for you to cross.

After following the pathway, there should be a closed red double door. By shooting the yellow panel just right above the entrance should enable you to shoot it with Star Lord’s electric gun to open the door. You should be able to disable the electricity in the water by shooting the blocked ventilation shafts so you can command Rocket to turn off the power. The outfit crate is located on the right side.

Groot – Five O’Clock Sprouts Outfit

After you cross the wooden bridge after you command Groot to do so in Chapter 13, you should see a Katathian body covered in ice to the left. You should cross the ledge to the right, and after doing so, go inside the dark cave and by immediately looking at the right side, you should see the outfit crate hidden around the corner.

Groot – Golden Guardians Outfit

Immediately unlocked after finishing Story Mode.

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