Gundam Evolution Interview With Ryota Hogaki

Exclusive interview video of the Game Director of Gundam Evolution Was Released

Gundam Evolution is one of the new games being released by Bandai Namco this month. With so many features and unexpected gameplay, it has brought out so many likes and expectations that players want to play the game upon its launch.

Recently, Ryota Hogaki, producer of Gundam Evolution, posted an interview video about what to expect upon the release of the game. Not only that, he expressed that fans will be delighted by the selection of stages that they will encounter including also the game modes that will be presented as well.

At the beginning of the development of the game, Ryota questioned which units from the popular Gundam series franchise should be added and what their roles will be in the game. After careful planning and watching the whole series of the Gundam franchise from 1st to the latest, they decided to add this set of mobile suits first and render the feeling what if they were designed with a more realistic presence.

Ryota also pleaded fans to continue supporting the game for there will be more updates and new familiar mobile suits that will be fun and challenging to use including stages and game modes as well.

Gundam Evolution Developer Interview with Ryota Hogaki

Gundam Evolution will be released on September 21, 2022, for the PC Via Steam and coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on November 30, 2022. For more news and info about the game, you can visit their website.

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