Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression Finally Improved After Previous Concerns

Everyone can finally progress through Battle Pass the easy way.

343 Industries has recently released a new update to improve the Halo Infinite Battle Pass progression after many players were concerned about it.

The update has introduced a new challenge that will improve the Battle Pass progress that many players had problems with before the implementation. This is the new daily challenge called Practice Makes Perfection, which rewards players fifty pass XP for just completing the single multiplayer match.

Before this update, it was a concern for some players to improve their Battle Pass progression due to the challenges that needed to be completed. It was slow for some since they were not able to complete either daily or weekly challenges at that time and that made them feel left out as other players who have already experienced similar multiplayer gameplay mechanics made it easy for them.

The XP rewards were not that much as well, which had weeklies with only two hundred XP per week and a single rank in the one hundred rank battle pass needed one thousand XP to be completed. This was indeed really difficult to complete with so little options.

With the daily challenge, it will allow players to complete any match and they earn 50 XP the first time. After that, the challenge will upgrade and the rewards will also increase. If the first day is 1 match = 50 XP then the next day will be 5 matches = 150 XP and it just ramps it up.

Aside from that, it was also revealed that 343 Industries will be adjusting the game, fixing the bugs, and removing some Weekly Challenges. More fine tuning will be done to the multiplayer as time progresses.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Mode is now available for free on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The campaign mode will be available on December 8, 2021. Check out the schedules here.

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