Halo Infinite Console Players Requesting to Turn Off Cross-Play After Cheaters Appearance

Have the freedom to disable cross-play is what they ask.

Several Halo Infinite console players are now asking to turn off cross-play after new reports of several cheaters being common across the multiplayer modes.

A number of players have recently commented on the Halo subreddit talking about the emergence of cheaters and how common they are right now on the multiplayer mode since its release on November 15, 2021. This mode is still in beta, but there are already a lot of players joining and are worried about the hacking. They are now asking for developer 343 Industries to do something about it.

Several posts on various social media platforms include videos that show other players using common FPS hacks like aimbots and wall-hacks that can offer better advantage during matches. It is quite unfair for everyone and are worryingly increasing by the day.

halo infinite

One Reddit user has shared in another post that the cheat providers are offering various types of hacks like infinite ammo modifiers to the ability to unlock paid cosmetics. We recently reported about a website that offered the same kind of hacks as well. There are even some hackers who could block the Theater mode replays in order to prevent video-based reports of cheat.

This is where many players are now asking 343 Industries to add a cross-play toggle, which gives them the advantage to freely turn it off or on. They can choose the ones they can engage without worry. In its current state, the game will include both PC and console players in a match. In order for cheats to happen, since the PC version is easier to hack, console players are the ones asking the option to disable the feature.

Halo Infinite multiplayer mode is already available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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