Halo Infinite Leaked Details Revealed by Former 343 Employee

Halo Infinite

A new leak has recently appeared online about upcoming video game Halo Infinite detailing what to expect, the cut content, and more.

halo infinite

A former 343 employee has leaked information about the upcoming sequel that many Xbox fans have been waiting for. He is a Skybox Artist and the source was from a Chinese Mandarin video, which is why a user from ResetEra had to translate it.

The former employee revealed, “In fact, I think the finished product will still be great. The story is a big improvement, and the gameplay is much richer, though the development cycle is too long. Don’t expect it to be an epoch-making masterpiece.” It will not be the worst game of the series, but it will not be a masterpiece at all.

Another information the leaker revealed was that 343 Industries executives were too ambitious of their upcoming project. What they wanted to do was to make it semi-open world, which made the developers push for changing the game engine a lot. Significantly a lot. They also had to make the game AND develop the engine at the same time. This made some workflows not suitable at all because the game engine had tons of defects. He is happy to say though that at a later time, it was improved for the better.

The reason why the demo was that bad because the game engine features were not fully implemented at that time. It was obvious enough that it was a rush job and the textures looked bad, so it was clear as day.

There were some content from the original idea that were cut out, which was also the same for the multiplayer. The former employee laments that the things he did over the years will now not see the light of day.

The team at 343 Industries and especially the low-tier employees are working very hard and did a lot of overtime until the early hours of the morning in the past few years. This confirmed the crunch time rumors that had been spreading for a while.

It is unfortunate that there has been some cut content and there was crunch time for the employees, but all we can do now is to hope that all of that sacrifice was worth it. Also, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier will be making a news article, probably focusing on this scoop.

Halo Infinite will launch this year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Source: ResetEra