Halo Infinite Players Can Kick Stuff Out of the Ring; More Clear Explanation on Open-World

Halo Infinite Master Chief

343 Industries shared some interesting knowledge about the upcoming video game Halo Infinite in the recent live-stream event.

According to the developers, the upcoming sequel’s open-world gameplay experience is actually inspired by the original Halo’s Silent Cartographer mission. Players will be able to choose how they approach the mission’s objectives in any way they like it. The environment and flora might be lush and open, there are actually no hostile wildlife to fight off. There are only enemies to fend off while struggling to complete the mission.

On that note, the developers specifically said that players can actually kick stuff out of the Zeta Halo if they want to. For, you know, just for laughs.

There is a dynamic weather system in this game. This means there will be wind and fog systems when it launches. 343 Industries even stated that they will add storms and snowstorms after release. Enemies will also behave differently depending on the day and night cycle.

Finally, it was officially confirmed that Master Chief will not dual wield weapons in this game. Players cannot also play as an Elite since this is a Master Chief and Spartan story.

Halo Infinite will launch sometime in Fall 2021. It will be released on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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