Is There Coop in Harvestella?

Can you play with friends in Harvestella?

You may be wondering if there is coop in Harvestella as multiplayer features are popular in these type of games. As Harvestella is seemingly reminiscent to other popular works such as Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, there are those who wonder if they can coop with friends in the game. Although this would depend if Harvestella does actually have coop play.

Does Harvestella Have Coop Multiplayer?

No, Harvestella will not have coop multiplayer. The game will be exclusively multiplayer which means other players cannot join your session.

While there are other NPCs who can assist you in growing your home in Harvestella and even helping you in battle, other players will not be a factor. You’ll have to save the world without the help from your real life friends. Thankfully there are friendly NPCs who will help you along the way so the journey isn’t a lonely one.

The absence of cooperative play in Harvestella will seem disappointing. After all Harvestella offers a unique blend of JRPG combat with the farming simulator elements of something like Harvest Moon.

Coop in Harvestella

While Harvestella is strictly a single player experience, you are able to find a romantic partner if you so choose. You can read our Harvestella Romance Guide for a deeper look into this feature. At least with the game’s many colorful NPCs, you won’t find the lack of other players to be lonely.

There is plenty to do in your daily life in Harvestella. You’ll be keeping your hands busy trying to save the world from disasters that threatens to destroy all life.

Harvestella Coop

That’s everything you need to know about coop in Harvestella. We hope this article was informative. For more on Harvestella, you’re already in the right place.

If you’re curious about the Harvestella gameplay, check out this Youtube video from Play with Josh who shows the demo.

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