Here Are Some Games I Consider Sexy!

Let’s begin with my list of sexiest games!

Senran Kagura – this game is the epitome of sexy games when it comes to showing off chests, buttocks and a whole lot of panty shots. It’s a video game series that has been well developed by Tamsoft which revolves around five female ninjas who goes to a prestigious prep school called Hanzo Academy where, in it’s innermost essence they show off their mad skills and stealth combat (being ninjas) as they are. A lot of instalments have been added to the franchise  with Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash and Senran Kagura for Nintendo Switch being the last two added to the pack. If you’re the kind of closet gamer who appreciates side scrolling games with a bit of erotic twists along the way, then this game’s just for you.

Bayonetta – this game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Sega revolves around an ostracised witch named (you guessed it), Bayonetta. Born of an Umbran Witch and a Lumen Sage (which is forbidden by the way) and is now on the hunt for a long lost artefact for her to be able to regain her memories about her past. This being on the list is no mistake since Bayonetta is known to be one of the sexiest playable characters out there who, when transforming to one of her many outfits is already an eye-candy it itself. Her catlike finesse when in combat coupled by naughty sexual innuendos makes this game all the more enjoyable to play.

Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball – I have three ‘B’ words for you: Beach, Babes and Boobs. Yes, you guessed it. This game (developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo) is not just your ordinary side step from the main Dead or Alive franchise but rather a game that sparked a whole new era all on its own. It is a refreshing departure from the main game which otherwise consisted of fighting games and focuses on the women of the latter  playing various mini-games in the many locations of Zach Island. As the three words I’ve mentioned above, it is a game now suitable for youngsters and at the same time one of the first DOA instalments that was also marked a Mature rating due to its revealing outfits which gave it a stereotyped status all on its own.

GTA – Need I say more? This game not only boasts non-stop action. But it also has its own sexy innuendos as well. Sheer violence and sex has been riding in tandem in GTA (created by David Jones and Mike Dally published by Rockstar Games) for years and it is no secret. Cut scenes containing nudity and other fetishes paved its way to a spot on this list.

The Witcher 3 – Yes, I know. It’s not like Dead or Alive or Senran Kagura but hell, I’d put this on any Top Sexy Games list anytime. The Witcher series is an action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt Red and published by Atari. It focused on the many adventures (and misadventures) of Geralt a seasoned Witcher who, in his defence helped shape the world to what it is now. He’s been sought after by nobles and kings alike, not to mention a number of women as well *wink*wink. The games under this series not only packs a punch but also arousing cut-scenes that will make you play it again in any day.

HuniePop – this game really puts it out there. HuniePop is a matchmaking puzzle game created by Ryan Koons that takes sex simulation into a whole new level. It initiates sex with hot anime chics with the use of puzzle boards. Which makes it look like some kind of a pornographic Candy Crush.