Hideo Kojima Confirms New Project but No Additional Information Revealed

Death Stranding Hideo Kojima

Game developer Hideo Kojima has recently confirmed that a new project is in the works right now, but he does not reveal any other information about it.

The official Twitter account of Kojima recently shared a short statement about his studio hiring new people for certain job positions at its Tokyo office. It was also posted on Kojima Productions’ LinkedIn page.

The post confirms that there is a new project in development and that the studio is looking to hire the best-in-class talent. Other than that information though, nothing else was revealed. Fans are now mystified as to what kind of project they are working on.

Several speculations have been flying around the internet for a while now, but Kojima did state a while back that he is looking into horror movies again. He said that he might just make the scariest horror game sometime, but did not confirm if that was his plan.

We will just have to wait it out to find out later on.