Hideo Kojima Horror Game Title and Actor Revealed in New Leak

Leaker claims he has footage of this rumored upcoming game!

A new leak has possibly revealed Hideo Kojima’s upcoming horror game title and its actor.

Hideo Kojima Through The Years

Game Developer Hideo Kojima is known for his cinematic masterpieces like the Metal Gear series and his latest, Death Stranding. During his time with Konami though, he was going to release an upcoming new Silent Hills title, but we all know what happened, he exited the company and created his own, Kojima Studios.

What’s Next for Kojima

With the completion of Death Stranding and its Director’s Cut, many fans around the world are now asking Kojima on what he is planning to do next. There have been rumors, and speculations of his next project, but there are no official announcements, yet.

Rumors Abound

There is now new leaked information that suggests Kojima’s new project is a horror title and an actor from Death Stranding is coming back. Known Tom Henderson was the one to share this new juicy detail on media outlet TryHardGuides.

According to Henderson, the new upcoming horror title is called Overdose. He claims he has received footage of the game already and describes it to have a character played by Margaret Qualley in a blue dress and walking in the dark with a flashlight. He revealed that this will be a game that will offer both first and third person perspectives.

death stranding margaret qualley and hideo kojima

Mama Actress Possibly Getting Main Role

For those who do not know, Qualley is the motion capture actor for Mama and Lockne in Death Stranding. If true, she would be a great protagonist since she was really good in Kojima Studio’s first game.

No official news yet, but this is exciting times for Kojima fans since it is another title from the master himself.

Overdose is possibly in development right now.