Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter Side Quest Walkthrough

How to complete the Absconder Encounter side quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter cover

Absconder Encounter is one of the side quests that players can complete in Hogwarts Legacy. Edgar Adley needs help in retrieving an heirloom that his late friend wanted to give to his orphaned daughter before he met his end with the Absconder.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Absconder Encounter side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to unlock Absconder Encounter Side Quest

To unlock the Brother’s Keeper side quest, you must first complete the Tomes and Tribulations main quest. It’s recommended to be at level 32 to match up with the Absconder, although you can defeat it with a lower level.

Absconder Encounter Objectives

  • Talk with Edgar Adley
  • Find The Absconder’s Cave
  • Defeat the Absconder
  • Find the heirloom Milo left behind
  • Return the heirloom to Edgar

Absconder Encounter side quest Walkthrough

After completing the required quest, you can head to Aranshire where Edgar Adley will be available to talk to.

Talk with Edgar Adley

Talk to Edgar Adley at his stall to learn that his friend Milo has met his fate while trying to get venom from an acromantula. He needs help in getting a heirloom pocketwatch that Milo wanted to give him to hand over to Milo’s daughter, but the pocketwatch is still in the cave with Milo’s body.

Find The Absconder’s Cave

Follow the marker into the Forbidden Forest to find the cave where Milo’s body is in. Then make your way through the maze and spiders to reach the acromantula’s lair.

Defeat the Absconder

The Absconder is the name that Milo gave to the giant acromantula. Once you arrive in its lair, it will start attacking. Look out for these attacks:

  • Dash – It raises its front legs high and dashes towards your location in a blink of an eye. Prepare your Protego as soona s you see both front legs raised.
  • Slam – It slams its legs on your when it’s close. It can chain its slams up to three times. Look for the dodge prompt to easily tell if this attack is coming.
  • Summon spiderlings – It slams its left legs and right legs after one another, summoning a couple of spiderlings that will join the fight.

Other strategies that you can use for the fight is to look for the boulders within the lair and use them to fling towards the Absconder. Make sure that you also have enough potions to heal yourself during the battle.

Find the heirloom Milo left behind

Once the Absconder has been defeated, head to the chamber towards the west to find the heirloom pocketwatch.

Return the heirloom to Edgar

Head back to Aranshire and talk to Edgar to hand over the pocketwatch and complete the quest.

Absconder Encounter Rewards

After completing the quest, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • 300 Galleons
  • Random Wand
  • 180 XP

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