Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood’s Trial Walkthrough

How to complete Charles Rookwood's Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood's Trial cover

Charles Rookwood’s Trial is one of the main quests that players will have to go through in Hogwarts Legacy. Charles Rookwood has prepared another trial for the student, and should they pass all of it, they would be deemed worthy to find out more about what happened to Isidora Morganach.

Read ahead as we go through Charles Rookwood’s Trial and share some tips on how to solve the puzzles along the way.

How to unlock the Charles Rookwood’s Trial Main Quest

To unlock the Charles Rookwood’s Trial quest, you must complete the Back On the Path main quest.

Charles Rookwood’s Trial Objectives

  • Meet Fig at Rookwood Castle
  • Speak with Professor Fig
  • Enter Rookwood Castle
  • Find Charles Rookwood’s Portrait
  • Connect with ancient magic
  • Enter Charles Rookwood’s trial
  • Complete Charles Rookwood’s trial
  • Continue Exploring Charles Rookwood’s Trial
  • View the Pensieve memory
  • Exit Charles Rookwood’s Trial
  • Speak to Percival
  • Speak with Professor Fig

Charles Rookwood’s Trial main quest Walkthrough

After completing the required quest, head over to the southwest region to meet up with Professor Fig at the Rookwood Castle.

Meet Fig at Rookwood Castle

Head over to Rookwood’s Castle which can be found in the southwestern area of the map.

Speak with Professor Fig

Go talk to Professor Fig, and like before, you’ll need to follow his lead to get inside the castle.

Enter Rookwood Castle

You now need to make your way through the Asnwinders and goblins camped around the area in order to reach the castle’s entrance. Take some time to loot the area after clearing the enemies, then head up the castle walls and follow the marked area.

Inside the castle walls, look for the three rune switches and hit them with your basic attack in quick succession to open the door ahead into the Rookwood Cellar.

Find Charles Rookwood’s Portrait

Continue down the path inside the cellar until you arrive at the study where Charles’ portrait is. Talk to him to proceed.

Connect with ancient magic

You’ll find another puddle right where you are standing. Investigate it to reveal the path ahead.

Enter Charles Rookwood’s trial

Go through the door to enter the second trial.

Complete Charles Rookwood’s trial

Inside the next chamber, climb up the stairs on the right and follow the path to find another puddle. Investigate it to reveal a door up ahead. Head back down and check the niche on the left side to find a block. You can use Wingardium Leviosa on it and pass it through the portal to turn it into a chest. Then, while looking at the short pillar’s silhouette/cube through the portal, move it towards the ledge and use the short pillar to climb towards the exit.

Make your way over to the next area with an arch in the middle, but as you cross the second bridge, hit a rune switch to the left to reveal a path towards a chest. Head back to the bridge and on to the next area, investigate the puddle nearby to activate the arch’s portal, then enter the portal through the backside to enter the blue dimension where you should see a chest. Go to the room on the left and use Wingardium Leviosa to raise the cube over the fence and pass it through the portal to also turn it into a chest.

Hit the rune switch on the right side to turn the portal around, then use Accio to pull the cube/tall pillar out of the way and proceed to the next area.

You’ll arrive at another arena where you need to defeat a Pensieve Protector, Sentinels, and Sentries. Once you’re done, proceed to the next area.

This will be another portal puzzle. On the center of the circular platform, investigate the puddle to activate the portal. Then, hit the rune switch through the portal to rotate the platform to the right and also reveal a chest that is next to the switch. Go through the portal on the right side, then hit the switch again without looking through the portal to move the portal back to its original position. You should still be in the blue dimension where you will be able to see a bridge to cross over to the left side.

On to the next area, head to the right side near the stairs to find the puddle. Investigate it to switch to the red dimension, reveal a short pillar, and activate the portal. Protectors will also be awakened at this point, with one of them invisible and invincible unless you go through the portal.

Once you have them defeated, go through the portal to make sure that you are in the blue dimension. Hit the rune switch on the right side to rotate the center floor and move the portal closer to the ledge. Move the cube close to the portal and pass it through the portal to turn it into a short pillar. Move this pillar back on the ledge and use it to climb to the bridge above. Grab the loot in the chest, then hit the rune switch again to rotate the bridge so you can jump to the exit.

Go down the staircase and look behind it to find a chest. On the next area, locate the puddle on the side and interact with it to activate a portal on the side of the room. Hit the rune switch to rotate the portal, then use Wingardium Leviosa on cube and pass it through the portal to turn it into a chest.

Head back to the main path where you will fight some enemies. Step through the portal to be able to hit the invisible enemies, then proceed to the next door once they have been defeated.

It is going to be another fight with some enemies, with half of them invisible. Defeat the visible enemies first, then move through the portal and then defeat the rest. Afterwards, a Guardian will appear. Similar to the Guardian in the previous trial, cancel its orb attacks by countering the orb with a spell of a similar color. Down to half of its health, the guardian will start attacking with its mace.

Continue Exploring Charles Rookwood’s Trial

After defeating the guardian, continue towards the next door into the final chamber.

View the Pensieve memory

Interact with the pensieve and watch the memory with the Keepers and Isidora.

Exit Charles Rookwood’s Trial

Use the crystallised wall to exit the trials and get back to the Map Chamber.

Speak to Percival

Talk to Percival and Charles again to report your progress. You’ll then be introduced to one of the Keepers, Niamh Fitzgerald, who will be preparing your next trial.

Speak to Professor Fig

Complete the quest by talking to Professor Fig.

After the conversation, you’ll complete the quest and receive 260 XP.

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