Hogwarts Legacy Henrietta Map Puzzle Solution & Treasure Location

Here's where to find the treasure conveyed in Henrietta's Map

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Throughout Hogwarts Legacy, there are numerous quests that will send you on treasure hunts, and Henrietta’s map is one among them. This map will take players to a wealth of in-game rewards and experiences, and this guide will detail every step of solving the map and locating the treasure, so read on.

Where to Find Henrietta’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy

To find Henrietta’s map, players must head to the Poidsear Castle floo flame and follow the quest marker there. Once players reach the location, the quest will begin with you picking up the map in a tent. 

Where to Find Henrietta's Map in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Solve The Henrietta map in Hogwarts Legacy

Based on the map, there will be markings of some ruins, a dragon statue, and the usage of fire and ice spells. Players may also view a hand-drawn map of the site, which is identical to the bottom-south section of the in-game map.

How to Solve The Henrietta map in Hogwarts Legacy

To solve this, players must travel to the South Clagmar Coast flame and head to the ruins west of there. Upon reaching the location, enter Herodiana’s Hideout, a cave beneath the ruins. Inside, there will be two boxes that need to be grabbed and placed on plates near the door to unlock them. Make sure the boxes are placed on their designated plates, as one bears a fire symbol and the other bears an ice symbol. Use the proper spells to activate them.

How to Solve The Henrietta map in Hogwarts Legacy

After opening the door, head to the next room, as several enemies will appear. After defeating them, approach the dragon statue in the center of the room to begin solving the next puzzle.

How to Solve The Henrietta map in Hogwarts Legacy

The next puzzle is pretty simple, as players will see on the map which braziers should be lit and which should be extinguished. Because precision and accuracy are required, use Confringo to light the braziers and Glacius to extinguish those that have been lit incorrectly. If everything is done right, the treasure box should appear behind the statue. Players will be awarded 400 galleons and Treasure-Seeker’s Gloves.

How to Solve The Henrietta map in Hogwarts Legacy

And that’s our guide on how to solve Henrietta map in Hogwarts Legacy. Hope you guys enjoy this guide and if you do, feel free to check out our other Hogwarts Legacy-related guides.

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