Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Door Puzzles

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Door Puzzles

Numbered door puzzles are one of the many mysteries you’ll encounter in Hogwarts Legacy. The frames on either side of these doors include symbols of various magical beasts, while the center displays a blackboard with drawings and numbers. But what do all these symbols actually signify, and how do you work out this puzzle?

Read on, and this guide will teach you how to solve and open Door Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Solve Numbered Door Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

The easiest method for solving numbered animal door puzzles is addition. Each large circle has a central number, and the smaller numbers around it sum up to that central number. Some of these numbers are replaced by images of magical beasts, which also represent a certain number in the puzzle.

The magical beasts around the door signify the numbers 0 to 10. But you wouldn’t know that until you found a certain piece of paper called Arithmancy Study Guide Page (based on the image above). You can find this paper in a chest by the chalkboard in the room, just above the Divination Classroom Floo Flame.

To clarify, for example, if you solve for 12, you’ll see that the smaller circles depict a question mark, the number 4, and a unicorn (which has a value of 1 based on the sheet). The solution to the question mark is 7, because adding four and unicorn together yields 5, and adding 7 more yields 12.

Once you’ve figured out the solution, you’ll need to use the huge dice on the walls to the side of the door, where each symbol represents a different number. The Octopus, for instance, is worth 7. Once done, you can now open the door puzzle and unlock its hidden rewards.

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Rewards

Upon opening numbered animal door puzzles, you will find a chests that contain pieces of random gear, or a cosmetic item that you can add to the Room of Requirement. 

While the total you have to solve for in each door problem will be unique, you can use this guide as a reference. Feel free to check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides as well.

Here’s a video by PVP Cat showing How to Open Puzzle Doors and Get Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy: