Hogwarts Legacy Leak Reveals Cutscene with Hippogriff Encounter

More leaks are likely to be uploaded later on.

New leaked footage from the upcoming video game Hogwarts Legacy shows a cutscene with a hippogriff.

There was footage that got leaked from the Autodesk Vision Series and recently it showed a preview of the character customization features. This time around, a new clip was uploaded online and it showcases a cutscene from the upcoming video game. While it is quite short, it shows the CGI animation of the game’s cutscenes, which looks pretty decent.

The clip uploaded on a Twitter account featured two students from Hogwarts and one of them is clearly the player. They somehow stumble upon a scene where three guys and a big hippogriff appear behind these two big doors. The two students hide and the trio seems to be trying to restrain the hippogriff with spells. The player character recognizes it and decides to rescue it from the kidnappers.

The other student decides to get some evidence of the criminal incident and quickly gets behind the doors, but the player character gets locked out. He decides to find another way to the roof to perhaps get inside the building from there.

Avalanche Software has not released an official video that could confirm this clip yet.

Hogwarts Legacy launches in Holiday 2022. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.