Hogwarts Legacy Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial Quest Guide

Learn how to complete the Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial quest in Hogwarts Legacy with the help of this guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial cover

Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial is one of the main quests that players will have to go through in Hogwarts Legacy. Niamh Fitzgerald has prepared another trial for the student, and should they pass all of it, they would be deemed worthy to find out more about what Isidora Morganach has planned to do with her ability to wield Ancient Magic.

Read ahead as we go through Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial and share some tips on how to solve the puzzles along the way.

The first thing you need to do is complete The Polyjuice Plot main quest and reach level 23 in order to unlock the Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial quest. After completing the required quest, you will have the ability to temporarily transform into Headmaster Black and thus you will be able to learn the password to get into the Headmaster’s office.

Access the Headmaster’s Office - Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial

Access the Headmaster’s Office

Upon accepting the quest, follow the quest marker until you find the gargoyle statue where you will have to whisper the password. Once you’re inside the office, Niamh will speak to you about the trial.

Find the book in the Headmaster’s Office - Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial

Find the book in the Headmaster’s Office

You’ll then have to look for a book which can be found on the pedestal in the higher level of the office. You’ll then be sucked into the dimension inside the book which is the trial that Niamh has prepared for you.

Make Your Way through the Town without being seen - Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial

Make Your Way through the Town without being seen

There will be enemies that can cast instant death on your if they see you. You will need to your the Disillusionment charm to make yourself invisible and be able to pass through the town unnoticed. Be careful when walking and avoid spooking the birds that can alert the enemies.

The first group is easy to pass through as the path in the middle will mostly be clear for you to pass.

On the second group, you will need to observe the patrol paths of the enemies and find the right timing to cross.

Continue moving through the path ahead while avoiding the patrols. Once you see a staircase, a large death enemy will look down on your path. Wait for it to pass before moving forward.

Once you find the house with a ladder, climb the ladder and move around the house’s rooftop to make it to the other side.

The next paths you need to cross are a bit trickier as there are a lot more enemies and the window of opportunity to pass is slimmer.

Your path will be blocked ahead by a giant death enemy and a bunch of other enemies, so you will need to turn back and go through the door that just opened. Climb up to the second floor of the house and wait for your character to give you the verbal cue to pass through the room.

Use the cloak - Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial objective 4

Use the Invisibility cloak

After clearing the house, you’ll see a mysterious cloak. Use the cloak which will turn out to be the Invisibility Cloak then continue moving through the path ahead. The cloak will help you get closer to the enemies without getting detected, so you can now pass through the alleyway from earlier relatively safely. You will eventually reach the end of the path where you will be teleported to another place.

Niamh will talk to you again. A wand will appear before you and Niamh tells you to wield it. Afterwards, you’ll be transported back into the town, but now you will be able to cast limited spells.

Use Bombarda at the rubble to clear the path. As you make your way to the castle, more enemies will appear. Use your spells to defeat them, and then carry on into the castle. Two more waves of enemies will ambush you inside. Defeat all of them to clear the path to the next area.

You will arrive at a more open area where the giant death enemy appears. But you won’t fight it as it summons more enemies plus death trolls for you to defeat. Make sure to be on top of your Protego and dodges as attacks will be coming from all sides.

On to the next area, you’ll be transported once again to another place where you’ll find a mysterious stone. Grab the stone to proceed.

Complete the Trial of the Stone - Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial objective 5

Complete the Trial of the Stone

Go through the graveyard to reach where Niamh’s body has been lain. She will then guide you to the next area.

Witness Niamh Fitzgerald's memory - Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial objective 6

Witness Niamh Fitzgerald’s memory

Interact with the pensieve to see Niamh’s memory with Isidora.

Return to the Map Chamber

After seeing the memory, head through the crystallised wall to go to the Map Chamber.

Speak to the newly arrived Keeper - Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial objective 8

Speak to the newly arrived Keeper

Approach the portraits and you will be introduced to the next Keeper, San Bakar.

After the conversation with Professor Fig, you’ll complete the quest and receive 260 XP.

That’s how to complete the Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trials in Hogwarts Legacy. For more guides and walkthroughs, be sure to check out our other Hogwarts Legacy articles here.