Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial Walkthrough

How to complete Percival Rackham's Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial cover

Percival Rackham’s Trial is one of the main quests that players will have to go through in Hogwarts Legacy. There’s a source of ancient magic near San Bakar’s tower and Professor Rackham requires the help to ward off Ranrok’s army from getting to it. However, the path to knowing more about the ancient magic is heavily guarded and only those who can pass the trials can wield it.

Read ahead as we go through Percival Rackham’s Trial and share some tips on how to solve the puzzles along the way.

How to unlock the Percival Rackham’s Trial Main Quest

To unlock the Percival Rackham’s Trial quest, you must complete The Map Chamber main quest and reach level 11.

Percival Rackham’s Trial Objectives

  • Meet Professor Fig at the Tower
  • Investigate the Goblin Presence
  • Get Past the Goblins
  • Search the Tower
  • Find the Entrance to the First Trial
  • Enter Percival Rackham’s Trial
  • Complete Percival Rackham’s Trial
  • Learn the Trial’s Secret
  • Return to the Map Chamber
  • Speak to Fig and Professor Rackham
  • Speak with Charles Rookwood

Percival Rackham’s Trial main quest Walkthrough

After completing the required quest, head over to the tower north of the Forbidden Forest to meet up with Professor Fig.

Meet Professor Fig at the Tower

Fly over to the northern part of the map past the Forbidden Forest to meet up with Professor Fig at San Bakar’s tower. He says that Ranrok’s loyalists have made a camp around the tower and you’ll need to get through them.

Investigate the Goblin Presence

Use the Disillusionment charm and follow Professor Fig as you sneak through the goblins. You’ll also have to cast Petrificus Totalus while sneaking behind the goblins that are in the way in order to incapacitate them.

Make your way into the tent where you’ll find a letter of order coming from Ranrok.

Get Past the Goblins

Exit the tent and goblins will appear in front of you. You will need to defeat all of them before you can proceed.

Search the Tower

Go inside the tower with the Professor and head upstairs to meet up with Percival Rackham. He will tell you that there is a doorway that leads to a reservoir of ancient magic near the entrance to the tower.

Find the Entrance to the First Trial

Go back down to the first floor of the tower and go to the western side where you will find that you will see blue liquid underneath your steps. Pay attention to the sparks that come from your feet to find where to stand. Once you find the spot, investigate it to reveal a doorway.

Enter Percival Rackham’s Trial

Go inside the door and through the corridor to find the door to Percival Rackham’s trial.

Complete Percival Rackham’s Trial

You’ll arrive at a huge hallway that ends at a ravine. Look for the stairs on the side to find another puddle that you can investigate. The puddle will then reveal a bridge that you can use to walk across to the other side. Check the chests on the side of the bridge to get some gold.

On the next part, you will be in a huge chamber with an arch in the middle. Once again, look for another puddle near the far end of the room before the stairs and investigate it. The arch will then be activated and reveal a portal to another location.

Go through the corridor in the portal and you will arrive at another chamber with statues, a Pensieve Protector and a couple of Pensieve Sentinels. Defeat all of them then check out the other room for some gear, then go to the next chamber.

In the next chamber, you will need to use a floating platform in order to get to the next path. Cast Accio on the platform handle and the handles fixed on the walls to pull either the platform or yourself to the direction you are facing.

First, pull the platform near you and then ride it. Then, pull towards the handle in the center. Look towards the right and then pull towards the next handle. On this solid ground, look for the next puddle and investigate it to find a small room that has a chest that contains some gear. Behind the gate where the portal is, the door towards the next chamber will also open up.

Ride the platform again and pull yourself near the floor in the middle to get another chest in the middle that contains some gear. Then, maneuver your way to the floor on the corner to get a chest with some gold. Make sure to not cross the red barrier, or the door will close and you will need to investigate the puddle again.

You can then make your way near the open door past the gate by pulling your platform towards the handle beside the door.

In the next room, you will need to defeat some Pensieve Protectors in order to dispel the barriers.

Once you’re done, make your way to the bridge floor on the middle of the room and approach the ledge near the floating platform to find the next puddle. You’ll need to pull the platform closer to you first and ride on it so that you can investigate the puddle.

Once the portal has been activated, go through it from the back side and then take the stairs back to the bridge floor to find that most of the floor is now missing in this alternate room. Pull the platform towards you and then pull towards the handle on the side to get a chest that contains gear.

Jump down and then go through the portal again, but this time pass through the front side to get back to the original room. If done right, you should have the floating platform on the other side of the bridge floor. Go back up again and ride the platform and then pull yourself close to the next area.

Continue to the next room where you will find more Pensieve Protectors to defeat. After defeating them, the barrier should be dispelled and you can proceed.

Head to the next ledge where you’ll find another puddle to investigate. Ride the platform to get closer to the portal, but don’t jump yet and instead, ride the platform and line it up to the portal to find another platform on the other side. Pull that portal closer to you and jump towards it. Then, make your way towards the next corridor.

Go through the corridor and go past the first door to get into another chamber. Check out the chest in this room to find another gear. Then, continue to the next door to find another arena. More Pensieve Protectors and Sentries will appear once you get close to the arena. Defeat all of them to make the Pensieve Guardian appear.

The Pensieve Guardian has two phases. Once its health is at 50%, it enters its second phase. It has orb attacks the differ in color. Simply hit the orb with a spell with the same color to overload it and cancel the attack.

Once the Guardian has been defeated, a bridge towards the next area will appear.

Learn the Trial’s Secret

Inside the next room, you’ll see a huge statue of Percival. Check out the chest first for some gear, then interact with the pensieve to see Percival’s memories with Isidora. After the memory, you’ll get the Percival Artefact.

Return to the Map Chamber

Go to the crystallised stone to get back to the Map Chamber.

Speak to Fig and Professor Rackham

Approach Professor Fig to start another cutscene. You’ll then meet Charles Rookwood as you discuss what you’ve discovered with Professor Rackham.

Speak with Charles Rookwood

Charles will then inform you about swirls of magic that you can come across in the world. You can use these to enhance your ancient magic abilities.

After the conversation, you’ll complete the quest and receive the That’s a Keeper trophy and get 260 XP.

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