Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Side Quest Walkthrough

How to complete the Rescuing Rococo side quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo cover

Rescuing Rococo is one of the side quests that players can complete in Hogwarts Legacy. Agnes Coffey is worried sick ever since she lost her pet Niffler named Rococo when it wandered off to Henrietta’s Hideaway.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Rescuing Rococo side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to unlock Rescuing Rococo Side Quest

To unlock the Rescuing Rococo side quest, you must first complete The High Keep main quest and reach level 25.

Rescuing Rococo Objectives

  • Speak with the vendor in Bainburgh
  • Enter Henrietta’s Hideaway
  • Find Rococo
  • Rescue Rococo
  • Return to Agnes Coffey

Rescuing Rococo side quest Walkthrough

After completing the required quest, head over to Bainburgh in the southern region where Agnes Coffey will be available to talk to.

Speak with the vendor in Bainburgh

Talk to Agnes Coffey in Bainburgh and she will ask for your help in locating her pet Niffler named Rococo.

Enter Henrietta’s Hideaway

Head to the next marker where you’ll find Henrietta’s Hideaway. It’s recommended to go by broom to avoid going through the band of Ashwinders patrolling the area.

Find Rococo

Inside Henrietta’s Hideaway, ignite the brazier on the left wall using Incendio to reveal a hidden platform that holds a die. Carry the die using Accio or Wingardium Leviosa and place it on top of the pressure plate next to the other die.

Then, cast Glacius on the right die and Incendio on the left die that you just placed. This will open the door up ahead.

You’ll then encounter Ashwinders patrolling the next room. Defeat all of them, then make your way to the next room up ahead where there will be more Ashwinders. In this room, underneath the staircase on the right, you’ll be able to find a hidden room. Destroy the crates in the hidden room to find another die.

Bring this die out into the room you just came from and place it on the matching pressure pad. Then, climb the stairs above the hidden room and look across the room to find the second die. Place this die on the matching pad, then cast Levioso on it and Incendio on the other die. This will reveal a door on the wall.

Rescue Rococo

You will find Rococo in the next room. Use your Nab-Sack to get Rococo, then you can exit the hideaway.

Return to Agnes Coffey

Head back to Bainburgh and talk to Agnes to give her back Rococo and complete the quest.

During the conversation, you’ll be asked if you would want to give Agnes her Rococo back. You can be a nuisance and keep the niffler for yourself and it would still count as a completed quest. Additionally, you can ask Agnes for a fee to give Rococo back, or if you plan to keep Rococo, you can sell it for 120 gold, keep it in your vivarium, or release it into the wild.

Rescuing Rococo Rewards

After completing the quest, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • Niffler Fur-Lined Hat
  • Gold
  • 180 XP

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