Hogwarts Legacy Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are a few things to know before diving into Hogwart Legacy's platinum trophy run

Hogwarts Legacy is nearly upon us, and the much-anticipated game set in the Wizarding world promises to deliver an authentic experience years before the Child Who Lived steps foot in the school’s hallowed halls.

In this trophy guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know in order to have an idea of how to get the platinum trophy for Hogwarts Legacy. And before anyone asks, no, being in Gryffindor does not automatically means you will win the House Cup. That’s not how it works, right?

There are a total of 46 Trophies to earn in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • 1 Platinum Trophies
  • 2 Gold Trophies
  • 15 Silver Trophies
  • 28 Bronze Trophies

Hogwarts Legacy Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • Trophy Triumph: Obtain all other trophies

Gold Trophies

  • The Seeker of Knowledge: Win the House Cup
  • A Forte for Achievement: Reach Level 40

Silver Trophies

  • Rising From the Ashes: Rescue the phoenix
  • The Hero of Hogwarts: Defeat Ranrok
  • Flight the Good Flight: Beat Imelda’s time in all broom races (0/3)
  • The Good Samaritan: Complete all side quests (0/57)
  • Collector’s Edition: Complete all collections (0/603)
  • The Nature of the Beast: Breed every type of beast (0/12)
  • Going Through the Potions: Brew every type of potion (0/6)
  • Put Down Roots: Grow every type of plant (0/8)
  • Third Time’s a Charm: Upgrade a piece of gear 3 times
  • Savvy Spender: Spend all Talent Points (0/36)
  • Rise to the Challenges: Defeat enemies in all battle arenas (0/2)
  • Merlin’s Beard: Complete all Merlin Trials (0/95)
  • Finishing Touches: Use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game (0/34)
  • The Spell Master: Learn all spells (0/26)
  • The Ends Petrify the Means: Defeat a total of fifty enemies using Petrificus Totalus

Bronze Trophies

  • The Sort Who Makes an Entrance: Complete the introduction and finish the Sorting Ceremony
  • The Toast of the Town: Find the Map Chamber as a Slytherin
  • The Auror’s Apprentice: Find the Map Chamber as a Hufflepuff
  • The Gryffindor in the Graveyard: Find the Map Chamber as a Gryffindor
  • The Wise Owl: Find the Map Chamber as a Ravenclaw
  • First Class Student: Attend your first class
  • Troll with the Punches: Survive the troll attack on Hogsmeade
  • That’s a Keeper: Meet Charles Rookwood in the Map Chamber
  • Grappling with a Graphorn: Subdue the Lord of the Shore
  • The One Who Mastered Memories: View all Pensieve memories
  • The Hallowed Hero: Wield a Deathly Hallow
  • The Avenging Gazelle: Complete Natsai Onai’s relationship line
  • The Defender of Dragons: Save a dragon
  • Best Friends: Complete Poppy Sweeting’s relationship line
  • A Sallow Grave: Complete Sebastian Sallow’s relationship line
  • Challenge Accepted: Complete all tiers of a challenge
  • A Keen Sense of Spell: Invoke Ancient Magic for the first time
  • Loom for Improvement: Upgrade a piece of gear
  • The Root of the Problem: Stun 10 different enemies using a Mandrake
  • A Talent for Spending: Spend 5 Talent Points
  • Room with a View: Reach the highest point in the castle, the Headmaster’s upper study
  • Spiling Milk: Use Flipendo ten times – to tip one cow or several
  • Floo Around the World: Unlock all Floo Flames (0/83)
  • Followed the Butterflies: Follow butterflies to a treasure
  • The Intrepid Explorer: Discover all cairn dungeons (0/5)
  • Coasting Along: Visit Poidsear Coast
  • Demiguise Dread: Find all Demiguise statues (0/33)
  • Raising Expectations: Reach a combo of 100

According to what the developers said during interviews as to how long it will take you to beat the game, a single playthrough of the Hogwarts Legacy will get you somewhere within the ballpark of 30-40 hours. They also said that completing the game (aka platinum) will take players over 100 hours. That might be appealing to some but, let’s be real, if you really love the Wizarding World, then 100 hours to get everything done should be no problem.

The first set of trophies that drew our attention is the “Find the Map Chamber” trophies. To get all four of them, you’ll need to find the Map Chamber as a student of each house. We don’t currently know how far along the story this one is going to be, but if it is very early in the game, you can decide to progress the story until you reach that point with your chosen house, restart, and reach it again on a separate save file.

If not, your only choice is to have four separate playthroughs. Again, some players are really into that sort of thing.

Update: We have confirmed that you don't have to go through 4 full playthroughs in order to unlock the "Find the Map Chamber" trophies. This quest appears sometime early in the game. If you have an afternoon to spare, you can restart on a different save file, choose a different house, skip everything to that point, and you can have the trophy again within a couple of hours per run.

Another line of trophies that stood out are the relationship ones – The Avenging Gazelle, Beast Friends, and A Sallow Grave. It is worth noting that each Hogwarts Legacy companion belongs to one of the different houses. (Except Ravenclaw) If possible, you should get this out of the way in one playthrough. If not, then it’s a good thing you’ll be playing through the story three more times.

The trophies that might take up the majority of your time might be the collectibles. We don’t know if The Nature of the Beast, Going Through the Potions, and Put Down Roots are connected to the Collector’s Edition Silver trophy but we’d venture a guess that it is the case. One can say that Demiguise Dread Bronze trophy is also part of i,t but seeing how far apart this trophy is from the rest, casts doubt upon us.

Other than that, there are trophies like the Good Samaritan and Savvy Spender. The former is all about doing side quests while the latter is more concerned about spending all Talents Points. You can accomplish these on your first playthrough.

Challenge-related trophies include:

  • Flight the Good Flight for beating Imelda’s time in all broom races
  • Challenge Accepted for completing all tiers of a challenge
  • Rise to the Challenges for defeating enemies in all battle arenas
  • Merlin’s Beard! for completing all Merlin Trials
  • The Intrepid Explorer: Discover all cairn dungeons

And that about wraps it up for this Hogwarts Legacy trophy guide.