Hogwarts Legacy Companions

Who are your companions in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy companions featured

Like any RPG, you won’t be alone as your Hogwarts Legacy companions will help you learn more about the magical world of wizardry you’re in. One of the most exciting aspects of Hogwarts Legacy is the ability to interact with other students. Players will be able to form bonds with their classmates and can be deeply befriended as companions.

Each Hogwarts Legacy companion has their own unique backstories, personality and abilities. They accompany you on certain adventures and have special companion quests. Befriending companions grants the player special benefits and skills. In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at the companions that are available in Hogwarts Legacy as well as the characteristics that set them apart from one another.

All Hogwarts Legacy companions

There are four Hogwarts Legacy companions and the houses their from who you can befriend:

  • Natsai Onai – Gryffindor companion
  • Poppy Sweeting – Hufflepuff companion
  • Sebastian Sallow – Slytherin companion
  • Amit Thakkar – Ravenclaw companion

You can help out your Hogwarts Legacy companions and improve your relationship with them. Each companion has their companion-related quests where you’ll get to learn more about them and help them out in their personal troubles. They’re also wonderfully voice acted by a talented cast.

There are three confirmed Hogwarts Legacy companions from each house. However, it is still unconfirmed for the Ravenclaw house where a possible companion remains elusive.

Natsai Onai, Gryffindor Companion Hogwarts Legacy

Natsai Onai – Gryffindor Companion

Like all Gryffindor students, Natsai Onai has a strong sense of justice who’s always looking for an adventure. She originally came from Matabeleland, Africa and studied in Uagadou, the largest wizarding school in the world, but transferred to Hogwarts after her mother became the school’s new Divination professor. Her specialty: Charms.

Natsai Onai, Gryffindor Companion Hogwarts Legacy

Poppy Sweeting – Hufflepuff Companion

Even though Poppy Sweeting can be found wanting when it comes to connecting with people, her affinity with magical beasts and animals gives her a natural aversion to poachers. Her bright and compassionate nature makes her a perfect fit for Hufflepuff. Her specialty: Care of Magical Creatures.

Sebastian Sallow, Slytherin Companion Hogwarts Legacy

Sebastian Sallow – Slytherin Companion

It’s easy to be charmed by Sebastian Sallow whose extroverted nature makes him easy to approach. Behind his charisma lies a terrible secret about his sister, Anne, who suffers from a mysterious, debilitating curse. Sebastian believes his last hope lies in the Dark Arts. His specialty: Dark Arts.

Amit Thakkar, possible Ravenclaw companion Hogwarts Legacy

Amit Thakkar – Ravenclaw Companion (Possibly)

There is talk that Amit Thakkar will be your Ravenclaw companion. A bright and well-read young man who aspires to be a famous historian. Such a promising mind is a perfect fit for Ravenclaw. Amit enjoys gazing at the stars using his top-of-the-line telescope and will always leap at the chance to help out a friend in need. Probable specialty: History of Magic or Astronomy.

There’s no official confirmation about a Ravenclaw companion in Hogwarts Legacy. Looking at the Hogwarts Legacy trophies, it seems that there’s no achievement for any companion from the Ravenclaw house. This isn’t the case for the others Hogwarts Legacy companions.

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