Horizon Forbidden West Free Climbing is Its Most Improved Feature

Horizon Forbidden West

Game studio Guerilla Games recently shared a very interesting new detail about upcoming video game Horizon Forbidden West about its improved feature.

Horizon: Forbidden West Aloy

In Horizon Zero Dawn, players would need to find climbable areas in order to traverse to another section of an elevated structure or landscapes. If not, it will not be climbable and will be left unexplored. In Forbidden West, this has changed drastically and improved upon so much.

Game Director Mathijs de Jonge revealed to media outlet Gamesradar that players can now traverse landscapes and buildings freely. This means there will no longer be “climbable ledges” that are needed in order to climb. This time around, protagonist Aloy can just climb up and use her Pullcaster grapple hook to traverse upward. In order to go down to lower areas easily, gone are the days of ropes. Players can just glide down with her Shield Wing glider.

This just made the value of the game even higher with its exploration taken to the next level.

“The climbing tools for the first Horizon were a little bit limited and restricted,” admits de Jonge, “so we really just wanted to open that up and give players the freedom to climb anywhere they like in these open worlds.” 

As seen in the trailers, Aloy does not just “float” on water anymore. She can now go underwater and dive even deeper waters in order to explore submerged areas. Verticality has just increased tenfold.

What we need to know now is this: are we getting flying mounts later on?

Horizon Foribdden West launches within this year for PS4 and PS5.

Interview source: Gamesradar