Horizon Forbidden West Shows Impressive Detail of Aloy Sweating in Warm Locations

Sweating, amazing Photo Mode. The list of impressive features just goes on!

Captured on a PS5 | Favor Performance Mode.

While Horizon Forbidden West is already impressing everyone with its beautiful visuals, it seems there are still more details that will make it more amazing.

One Twitter user recently posted an image on his personal account and sharing his recent discovery of the impressive detail. He revealed that while visiting a rather warm location in the map, he noticed something quite peculiar when he did a close up of Aloy. It was revealed the valiant female lead is actually sweating as she enters this hot area, which was this game’s future version of West Coast America.

It further shows that this game is superbly detailed and Guerilla Games made quite a follow up to its previous title. Other players are already impressed with the Photo Mode of the game, which is also incredibly detailed and customizable. It almost makes a player take professional shots just like in the real world. It is also ultra-realistic as well. Some even praised the details of Aloy’s eyes in Photo Mode, which seemed to come alive.

The game continues to impress despite the recent review-bombing at Metacritic.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.