How Long is Lies of P? Total Playtime Revealed

We're not lying about the Lies of P game length, we swear.

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Like any game it’ll take some time to beat Lies of P. But how long exactly really depends on the game’s contents and your own playstyle. If you’re finding yourself asking about the Lies of P length, then you be looking to set aside some free time. Here’s how long Lies of P will take to beat.

How Long does it take to beat Lies of P?

Lies of P will take at least 30 to 40 hours to beat depending on how you play. Those who want to be thorough in checking everything the game has to offer will see their playtime at 60 hours. This is according to game director Cho-Ji Won who decided on the game’s longer play time to target a larger audience.

While 30 hours sounds like a large playtime, Cho-Ji Won also assures that players who prefer shorter games also have something to enjoy in Lies of P. Players can tackle the game stage by stage, with each stage taking about 10 hours to beat. Stages are set apart from their differences in characteristics and features. Those who want to take their time however and even platinum Lies of P by collecting all the trophies can see their playtime go beyond 60 hours.

Soulslike games are often on the longer side and Lies of P is clearly inspired by the likes of Bloodborne. It’s to be expected that it’ll take some investment to see this journey through the end. And you may have to play through it multiple times as Lies of P has multiple endings which are influenced by the decisions you’ve made through the game.

It’s important to note that Lies of P doesn’t have an open world. Although some areas are bigger than others where you’re free to explore. You can also fast travel to previously visited locations to look for things you may have missed.

The premise of Lies of P looks promising. Inspired by the tale of Pinocchio, you take on the role of protagonist of the same name looking for his creator, Geppetto. While the humanoid puppet from the original children’s tale wasn’t known to be much of a fighter, here Pinocchio has to tackle countless creatures in hopes of seeing his goal.

We got an early review copy of Lies of P thanks to Neowiz Games and the experience has us loving it. You can read our thoughts about Lies of P here.

The best part about Lies of P, is that unlike Bloodborne, it isn’t PlayStation exclusive. It’s coming out on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC for September 19, 2023. If you’re not convinced you wanna get Lies of P, you can always try it for free on Game Pass.