How long to beat High On Life

How long to beat High On Life featured

You may be looking into how long you’ll be spending to beat High On Life. With talking guns, self aware comedy, and unashamed violence on alien life, this is one of the most unique takes on the first-person shooter genre and you’re going to want to spend as much as you can in the game. This article will talk about how long you’ll take to finish High On Life.

How long is High On Life?

High On Life will take about 10 to 22 hours to beat depending on your playstyle of choice. This was confirmed by Squanch Games executive producer, Matty Studivan, when asked about the game’s length.

High On Life’s main campaign is only about 8 hours long according to the executive producer, but completing side quests will extend that playtime. Players who are seeking to find everything High On Life has to offer can take about 22 hours of content. If you want to complete the main story as well as side content given to you by NPCs around the game, you could easily find yourself spending a lot of time if you’re looking to do more than just beat High On Life.

How long is High On Life

High On Life is a rather linear experience and won’t have the freedom to explore different areas at your own pace like open world games. What it does have however are a lot of comedic characters with funny jokes that you can find if you dive in deep. One such notable joke is that you’re asked to wait a full hour after completing the G3 Orientation. Whether you actually wait or find another way is up to you.

Since weapons can talk in High On Life, you’ll be interested to hear what they have to say before continuing. There’s a lot of humorous commentary that you’ll miss if you just speed through the game. One of the instantly recognizable voices you’ll hear is from the very first gun you get in High On Life, which is voiced by Justin Roiland who is iconic for his role in Rick and Morty.

High On Life does have collectibles which you can find scattered throughout the environment. Although Studivan hasn’t revealed much about that yet. Though if you’re looking to find all of them, it will affect how long you’ll spend to beat High On Life.

How long to beat High On Life

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