How to change and get weapon skins and outfits in Back 4 Blood

Time will not be on our side.

Zombie slaying action is fun and all but players won’t be satisfied with just that, players are going to want to slay in style. Back 4 Blood‘s skins are unlockable either by purchasing them through supply lines or unlocking them via Accomplishments. If you’ve purchased the Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition then you’ve already got the Battle Hardened skin right out of the box.

How to Get Weapon Skins in Back 4 Blood

Now in order to get the skins, we’re gonna need to be playing a lot of Supply Lines. What we’re trying to get is the special currency called Supply Points that look like a stack of three boxes. Currently, you can’t get this if you’re playing solo so grab a buddy at least.

Once you have a huge stack of Supply Points then all you need to do is go talk to Dusty and purchase every item in a supply line. Supply lines are usually where we can get some new Back 4 Blood cards but we can also get other items from them such as clothing pieces and weapon skins. It is important to note that not every supply line will offer a weapon skin.

For the skins that we can get from the in-game accomplishments then we’re going to be looking at a number of challenges such as clearing the whole game on Nightmare difficulty or slaying zombies with a specific weapon. There are a lot of varieties in the challenges and they can be a significant timesink. The bad news is that just like the Supply Lines, these challenges won’t be registered if you’re not doing them on multiplayer so solo play doesn’t count.

How to Get and Change Outfits in Back 4 Blood

Specific outfits for Cleaners are no joke either since you need to be able to complete a significant number of missions with the Cleaner of your choice so choose carefully.

In order to change a specific outfit for your Cleaner, then just open the Hub menu and go to your Cleaners tab. Pick the Cleaner you want to change outfits with. The Outfits options are limited since these are specific sets that the game says you can’t edit in any way. Item Set on the other hand is where you can change the appearance of their Head, Body, and Legs with the skins that you’ve unlocked so far.

Now that you know how much of a challenge the skins are for Back 4 Blood, you better be ready for all the zombie-slaying you’re going to have to go through. For more guides on Back 4 Blood, you can check the list below: