How to complete the Phasmophobia Easter 2024 Event

A Complete Phasmophobia Easter 2024 Event Guide.

Phasmophobia Easter Event 2024

Phasmophobia’s Easter 2024 event cooks up a fresh challenge unlike the egg hunts in previous seasons. This time, players are tasked to investigate a Forest Spirit and track down its minions the old-fashioned way.

The goal is pretty simple, but it can be a tad bit complicated if you don’t know the proper equipment and where to look. As such, here’s everything you need to know in order to complete the Phasmophobia Easter 2024 event.

How the Phasmophobia Easter 2024 event works

To complete the 2024 Easter event in Phasmophobia, you need to find and capture a photo of all the Forest Spirit Minions across five different maps in order to complete the summoning ritual that is needed to investigate the Forest Spirit. All the maps involved in the event are highlighted in the image below:

Phasmophobia Easter Event 2024 Maps
Each map with the Rabbit’s nest icon is where you can find the Forest Spirit Minions. While the map with the Jackalope Skull is where you can investigate the Forest Spirit.

Before you set out on finding the Forest Spirit’s Minons, you have the option to start the game on a custom difficulty where you turn on the Friend Ghost option. This way you can prioritize on completing the event quickly without any distractions.

Once you load into a map, pick up the necessary Tier I equipment (UV Light, D.O.T.S. Projector, and Photo Camera) placed on the Rabbit’s nest in front of the main entrance before going inside the area. The UV Light Glowstick is used for tracking the footprints, the D.O.T.S. Projector is used to reveal the Forest Spirit Minion, and the Photo Camera is used to capture the evidence and complete the objective.

Each map has a different approach on finding the Forest Spirit minions, so here’s a walkthrough on how to find all of them:

You can leave the game after successfully taking a photo of the minion and still complete the even on that specific map. This will be marked with a green check once you’re done and view it in the lobby. Additionally, a candle will light up in the altar every time you complete an objective.

Phasmophobia Easter Event 2024 Walkthrough

How to summon the Forest Spirit and complete the Easter 2024 Event

After finding all five of the Forest Spirit’s minions, you can now summon and investigate the Forest Spirit. To do so, change your Cursed Possessions quantity (under Contracts in Custom Difficulty) to 2 and make sure to include a Summoning Circle. This way it will be guaranteed to spawn once you load into a map.

Now, start a game in Camp Woodwind, find the summoning circle and light up the candles using a firelight or igniter. Once the Forest Spirit Appears, take a picture of it using a photo camera. All you have to do next is to identify the ghost correctly and finish the contract.

Warning: Unlike the forest spirit minions, leaving camp woodwind halfway without playing out the whole Forest Spirit process won’t complete the event.

Once you’ve found all minion and successfully investigated the Forest Spirit, you’ll unlock exclusive and limited rewards for completing the Easter 2024 event in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia Easter 2024 Event Rewards

After you complete the Phasmophobia Easter 2024 event, you’ll get an Easter 2024 Trophy to put on display in one of the lobby’s glass cases and a Ghost Huntin’ Easter ’24 ID Card them, which can accessed in the main menu.