How to Beat The Queen in Valheim Mistlands 2023

Valheim The Queen cover

The Queen is Valheim‘s latest and most challenging boss that was recently added in the game through the Mistlands update. Being the matriarch of all the Seekers in the Mistlands, The Queen can prove to be the toughest boss to beat in the game not only because of its hard hitting attacks, but also because it can spawn in more Seekers to help in the fight.

In this guide, we will talk about how to defeat The Queen, go through all its moves, and share some tips on how to make the encounter survivable and winnable.

Summon The Queen in Valheim

Upon entering the Infested Citadel for the first time in a world, The Queen will immediately spawn in it without interacting with its altar. In order to summon and defeat the Mistlands boss, you will need the location of the Queen and the key to her stronghold.

The Sealbreaker Key is what you need to access The Queen. Sealbreaker Keys can be forged from Sealbreaker Fragments, which can be unearthed in the Infested Mines of the Mistlands. They are protected by movable fences and placed on top of small stone blocks.

To construct a single Sealbreaker Key, you will require nine of the respective Fragments. As luck would have it, not all Mines will yield any Sealbreaker Fragments.

In order to get access to The Queen’s location, you must collect nine Stonebreaker Fragments and utilize them to create a Sealbreaker Key on a Galdr Table. Summoning The Queen after its first defeat will require 3 Seeker soldier trophies which can be obtained from the other smaller lairs in the Mistlands.

Learn The Queen’s Moves

The Queen has several moves depending on how far you are from it.

  • Slash – The Queen swings its claws at you.
  • Bite – It lunges its head forward to bit you. This attack can deal a strong poison damage.
  • Stab – It strikes down all of its claws at you.
  • Spit – The Queen spits out its poison in quick succession and its aim follows your location. Once the poison hits you or a hard surface, it will spawn Seeker brood.
  • Roar – It roars in place for a few seconds, causing Seekers to spawn in.
  • Burrow – The Queen burrows into the ground and reappears somewhere inside the lair.

Recommended weapons and gear to defeat The Queen

Because of how strong The Queens attacks are, it’s recommended to stay away from her melee range. It’s better to go for ranged weapons such as:

  • Staff of Embers – Effective against dealing with spawns.
  • Staff of Frost – Effective against The Queen.

The Demolisher club is also an effective weapon to have when getting crowded by spawns. Because of its AoE, it can also be used to sneak in hits against The Queen during its open windows, such as during roars.

How to Defeat The Queen in Valheim Strategies

The Queen not only has strong attacks, but they are also capable of knocking you back to a far distance, potentially sending you down to fall into the lower levels of the lair. It’s recommended to have the Feather Fall effect that can be obtained by wearing the Feather Cape. This negates any fall damage and it also helps you navigate through the lair’s lower levels with its decreased fall speed effect.

Kiting The Queen is a good strategy. By using the lay of the lair, you can use the pillars as cover, and when the situation gets too busy, you can simply jump down to a lower level.

For melee users, don’t be too greedy with hits as The Queen can attack in quick succession which denies you from doing your full hit combo most of the time. Hitting once or twice then preparing for a parry works best.

As for the spawns, try to control the number of Seekers that come in as they deal significant damage, and while Seeker brood don’t deal as much damage, they can crowd you and prevent you from being able to move out from your spot.

Defeating The Queen Rewards

Defeating The Queen in Valheim will reward you its head trophy that, when placed on its boss stone, will activate the faster mining and increased Eitr regeneration effect.

Check out this video by Oscaput showing some tips on how to defeat The Queen: