One Piece Odyssey Berries: How to Earn Money Fast

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Berries, the game’s in-game currency, are one of the most crucial resources that you’ll need to collect as you progress through One Piece Odyssey. Read on, and you’ll find out how to quickly earn them and what you can do with them in this guide.

What are Berries in One Piece Odyssey?

What are Berries in One Piece Odyssey

Berries are the currency used in the game that players can earn from multiple methods. They can be used to purchase a variety of items such as accessories, food recipes, ingredients, and more. If players manage to earn at least 20, 000, 000 berries in the game in total, they will be able to unlock the trophy achievement known as Saving Savant.

How To Earn More Berries in One Piece Odyssey

How To Earn More Berries in One Piece Odyssey

There are multiple ways to earn more berries in the game. Most of these methods require battles against multiple enemies and completing certain missions. Below are the methods and ways of earning more berries in the game:

  • Combat
    • During battles, players will earn tons of berries in the game if they are successful. Usually depending on how high the level of the enemy combatant is, players will earn a greater amount of berries.
  • Nami’s skill
    • There are two skills that Nami possesses. First is a battle skill that lets Nami steal berries from any enemies on the field during combat. The 2nd skill is a Field skill which can be used to spot berries in enemy camps, ruins, and even cities. The amount of money that players can from these skills range from 20k to 80k.
  • Bounty Missions
    • There are plenty of missions in the game that players can partake in. One of which is the Bounty Missions, where players earn more exclusive and challenging rewards and EXP. They are technically side-missions in different areas and towns on the Island and though they are rewarding, the targets will be tough so preparation will be the key.
  • Chests
    • There are random chests that can be found in the game and most of the time, players can find either money or items that can be used for their future endeavors. This method is one of the simplest ways of getting berries in the game and will be worth the reward as they will be able to unlock the trophy achievement, Treasure Hunter.
  • Side Quests
    • Side quests are a decent way of making money in One Piece Odessy. Once players finish or complete a Memoria chapter, there will be new side quests that players can partake and not only they will earn great rewards, they will be able to level up faster as well.

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