How to Find Fortnite Sideways Weapons in the Island

These are the new powerful weapons in the game.

Fortnite has just released Chapter 2 Season 8, which means the season of the Cubed is now here. Players will be seeing new areas called the Sideways Zones and Domes at random on the Island map. Inside these new sections are very eerie yet interesting new content to discover like Cube monsters, new gameplay mechanics, and of course, new items to find. Here is how to find the new Fortnite Sideways weapons.

What are the new Fortnite Sideways Weapons?

While there are new weapons to discover scattered across the Island map, there are two unique Sideways weapons that can only be found inside the Sideways Zones. These weapons are more powerful than the regular ones that you can find scattered on the Island map and are inside these strange Sideways Treasure Chests. They even have a unique look and sound when you find them inside these Sideways Zones. Having these weapons will not only give you the strength to overcome the new opponents called Cube Monsters but also gain experience by completing several challenges for Torin’s quest punchcard.

There are two new Sideways weapons which are the Sideways Rifle and the Sideways Minigun. These were born from the Sideways dimension and can actually be upgraded for more firepower. There is a disadvantage to this though, which is it will easily overheat. You will have to handle these carefully.

How Can You Acquire the Sideways Weapons?

The easiest yet not the honorable way to do it is to just kill a player who is carrying the Sideways weapon, if you get lucky that is. The second way though is the hard one: entering the Sideways Zones and Domes.

To enter these Sideways Zones, just check the map where there will be a purple rift icon for the domes and the purple and orange circle ones, which are the corrupted POIs on the Island. Just enter into those rifts and you are inside these new areas. For a precise way to enter, check the guide here.

Inside these zones are Sideways treasure chests scattered around. Just find one and open them to reveal the contents inside. Its contents can be varying, but you can sometimes luckily net the Sideways weapons inside.

How to Upgrade Sideways Weapons?

Once you get your Fortnite Sideways Weapons, it is now time to upgrade them for more firepower. In order to do that, you will need to kill those Cube Monsters that are hunting you down. They will continuously respawn anyway, so you will get your chance. They will drop Cube Monster Parts that can then be used to upgrade the weapons. Just select the weapon of choice and wait for it to complete. Make sure to be in a safe place when upgrading.

Fortnite is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Android.