How to fix Fortnite stuck on Connecting Screen Issue

Stuck on Connecting Screen on Fortnite? Here's how to fix it.

You might have come across an issue with most online multiplayer games. As such, Fortnite isn’t an exemption and it’s not without any technical issues. If you’ve experienced a “stuck on connecting screen” issue on Fortnite, there may be multiple factors why it may be an issue. This issue can be a problem with Fortnite’s servers or on your end.

This article will help you on how to fix the ‘stuck on connecting screen’ issue in Fortnite.

How it looks like when you’re stuck on the ‘Connecting’ screen in Fortnite.

How to Fix Fortnite ‘Stuck on Connecting Screen’ Issue

In order to fix the ‘stuck on connecting screen’ problem in Fortnite, you must check if you have a stable internet connection. If that’s a yes, then you may have to reboot/restart your router and try to connect to Fortnite again.

If the first step didn’t solve your issue, you can simply exit the game fully and run Fortnite. There’s a chance that Fortnite may have experienced a slight glitch when connecting to the servers.

Another possible cause of the issue would be that Fortnite’s servers are down. How are the Fortnite servers down? There’s a lot of possible factors, it can be because they’re doing maintenance but that wouldn’t be without any updates from Epic Games about the scheduled maintenance. Or they may have a sudden surge of players connecting concurrently to the Fortnite servers due to a new update, season, limited-time events, or whichever.

So, how can we fix this? You can’t. You need to wait for Epic Games to resolve the issue. You can follow Fortnite Status’ official Twitter channel for updates about any issue related to the servers.

How to Check If The Fortnite Servers Status Are Down?

In order for you to check the Fortnite server status, you can simply head over to Epic Games’ official server status website. The Epic Games server status site shows not just Fortnite servers but also the following services such as Epic Games Store, Rocket League, TwinMotion Cloud, Battle Breakers, and more.

There are two statuses to know if the Fortnite servers are down: Operational (colored in green) and Maintenance (colored in yellow). If there’s anything other than that, which is obviously red, then the server is definitely down.

However, if the Fortnite servers are up but you’re stuck on connecting screen, then there’s something wrong with your internet or the Fortnite core installed files.

Another step you may want to take if you still have doubts is to uninstall and reinstall Fortnite. This should fix any corrupted files that may have been affected to any possible issues like a loss of power and the like.

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