How to Get Navigator Helm Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Navigator's Helm cover image

The Navigator’s Helm is an important equipment to find one of the secret weapons in Remnant 2. It’s also one of the hardest to find without a proper guide and you’ll be wandering around for a bit if you don’t know exactly where to find it. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the Navigator Helm and get a powerful weapon in Remnant 2 that’s useful against bosses.

How to Get Navigator’s Helm in Remnant 2?

You can get the Navigator’s Helm by going to Extraction Point, which is an area found in N’Erud. By killing the Navigator Zombie in the location, it will drop the Navigator’s Helm, which you can loot from its corpse.

Because of the procedural generation of Remnant 2, it isn’t a guarantee that the Extraction Point will appear on your playthrough. You’ll have to reroll N’Erud through Adventure Mode until you get the location. This may take a couple of tries until you find it.

Once you get to the Extraction Point, you’ll have to find a secret area underneath the surface. Under one of the pistons, there is a hole on the ground you can drop into that has a lot of zombified enemies inside. You’ll have to be very careful here because these pistons can kill you if you get squashed underneath them.

Inside, you’ll find other great items such as the Blasting Cap ring and Detonation Trigger amulet. These two can be picked up but the only way to get the Navigator’s Helm is by killing the Navigator Zombie located deep in this secret area. Kill the other zombies in the way and then proceed until you hit a dead end where you’ll encounter this enemy. Upon defeat, you can loot the Navigator’s Helm from his corpse. Be careful because the whole area is filled with water that slows you down.

The Navigator’s Helm may not have the best stats, but it does serve an important purpose. You need this to get the Plasma Cutter which is one of the best secret weapons in the game. We have a separate guide for how to get the Plasma Cutter which is tied to the Navigator’s Helm.