Humankind Guide: How to Heal the Damaged Units

It is still essential for Humankind players to heal their units when needed. This guide will teach you how to get this move done.

In strategy games, there is no game where your units will never take damage because they do. In games like StarCraft, you need a Medic or a Medivac if you are playing StarCraft 2 to heal your injured controllable grunts, that goes the same for Amplitude Studios’ 4X game Humankind. It’s essential to always have your units in full health to win engagements.

This guide will give you details on how to heal your units to help you survive your battles since the game doesn’t clearly state how to do this.

How do I heal units in Humankind?

You must select one of the damaged combatant units to open the expanded readout panel. After that, you will notice a Heart icon on the right side, click that and all your units will regroup and stay in their current position until their health is recovered. However, if the Heart icon is greyed out, this means the area where your units are placed isn’t a safe zone. You will need to move your units into an allied territory for them to begin healing.

It’s also worth noting that units in Humankind will also regenerate 20 health points per turn if they already gained the Supplied status. This is only possible if the unit is currently in a friendly zone. Capturing settlements will make it easier for you to get back to an allied territory to heal your units.

A rule of the thumb in 4X games is you will always have to consider every action move essential. If you believe you need to take your units back to heal and recover before moving them out, you will need to whether you like it or not.

As we recently received our review code, we are still currently going through the game and expect our coverage to be published soon.

Humankind is now available on PC via Steam and Game Pass for PC.

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