How to Heal Trauma and Regain Health in Back 4 Blood

Healing the World.

Back 4 Blood is a game that’s all about shooting zombies so of course us getting hurt in the process is as natural as it can be. So we’re going to cover everything about trying to get you back up to tip-top shape so you can shoot your way through even more zombies.

Here’s how to heal trauma and get your health back in Back 4 Blood:

Consumables – Health Kits and Bandages

Back 4 Blood is a less forgiving game than some since reaching the safehouse doesn’t mean you’ll be in perfect form for the next stage. The game encourages the player to make use of first aid as much as possible, so if a player manages to find some first aid lying around some rooms or in some supply boxes then make sure you’re fully stocked before you advance in the area. You can also purchase these items in the store during the beginning of each stage.

Bandages cost 150 copper, medkits go for 500 copper, and pain pills are worth 100 copper. The bandages can only heal a small amount of health while the medkit restores a significant amount. The medkit will also allow you to restore the health of your teammates. The pain pills will give you a temporary health boost but they will degrade over time which limits their usefulness.

Healing Teammates

When it comes to healing your allies then all you have to do is walk towards them with your healing item equipped and hitting your fire button. Be careful though because if you don’t see the notification to heal your friends then you might just end up healing yourself.

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First Aid Rooms

Scattered throughout the maps are first aid rooms. These rooms have first aid cabinets where players can use to restore their health for free but have limited charges and after that, they will need to spend 400 copper to use the first aid. The first aid cabinets are the best as they can also heal trauma which you get when your max health is lower than normal.

Another great thing about these rooms is that they have stashes of weapons, kits, ammo, and throwables, so players can stock up or change their loadout. First aid rooms can sometimes be locked behind locked doors wherein you need a toolkit to open. Another thing to note is that first aid cabinets are not limited to just certain rooms and can be found rarely in zombie-infested areas.

The Cards System

Back 4 Blood has a card system that will give you a set of buffs in the game. Some of these cards allow players to heal themselves like the Living on a Prayer card which allows the player to recover one health point for each kill they make but this card’s buff will only activate if the player is low on health.

Back 4 Blood Healing Cards.

Another card that gives you health and a personal favorite of mine is the Triumph card which gives players two points of health for each melee kill and this card is active all the time so there are no drawbacks unless melee isn’t your thing.

Healing Trauma in Back 4 Blood

Healing trauma is not an easy thing in this game. Trauma is a condition that reduces the player’s overall health and the only known ways to treat it are using a first aid cabinet or resting at Fort Hope. Medkits and Painkillers are unfortunately useless for treating trauma.

So that does it for our Back 4 Blood Healing Guide. For more guides on Back 4 Blood, you can check out our crossplay guide, characters guide, and more here on Sirus Gaming.