How To Increase Rank In Psychonauts 2

Here's an essential guide in inreasing rank on Psychonauts 2.

rank up in psychonauts 2

As a Psychonaut intern, things don’t necessarily look very well for Raz at the beginning of the game, despite his close relationship with the organization’s head Psychonaut. While low ranking at first, though, there are a lot of things you can do to rank up in the game.

Not only will this make you more powerful in the game, but it can also be considered as a roadmap towards your way to discovering everything the game offers. Here’s a guide on how you can reach the maximum rank of 102 in Psychonauts 2.

Here are five ways to rank up in Psychonauts 2

Pick Up Every Collectible

Throughout the game, you’ll stumble upon a wide plethora of collectibles for you to pick up. Most of these collectibles are visible in plain sight and takes minor to no effort at all to collect. As it happens, collecting more of these items will also help you rank in the game.

With that said, take the time to pick up everything you can collect in the game, including Figments, Challenge Markers, Keys, Nuggets of Wisdom, Emotional Baggages, and more.

Visit Otto’s Shop

ottomatic psychonauts 2

Otto Mentallis is a member of the esteemed Psychic Six. He also happens to be the owner of the Otto-Matic terminals that you can use to purchase handy items that can help you become more effective in the game.

His shops can also ultimately help you rank up. Combining nine PSI Challenge Cards and one PSI Challenge core will increase your rank by one. You can perform the combination at any Otto-Matic machine and purchase a Challenge Core at the same place as well.

Do The Side Quests

There is a wide array of side quests for you to do in Psychonauts 2. Like many video games from this genre, these side quests not only provide more information about the world and lore of the game but also provide hefty rewards that will make your rank increase faster.

Whenever you come across a side quest, be sure to explore it first before you proceed with the main quest. That is, unless, you’re simply playing the game for its main story. However, you will be missing out on a couple of story beats, as well as various collectibles, if you decide to skip the game’s various side quests. This brings me to my next tip.

Don’t Rush Through The Main Campaign

levitation ball psychonauts 2

If you want to increase your rank in Psychonauts 2 much faster, do not rush through the main story. In fact, a massive chunk of what you can experience in this game is set outside of the main quests. The game also encourages you to return to the various places you’ve already been to. This is another good way of increasing your rank faster as returning to places you’ve already visited will allow you to pick up various collectibles you may have missed the first time you were there.

You will also receive the chance to revisit certain minds you’ve already visited later in the game. These areas are rich in scale and content. You may want to revisit them as well.

What’s The Max Rank You Can Reach In Psychonauts 2?

The highest rank in Psychonauts 2 is 102. You can reach this ultimate level by heeding the tips above and by completing the game’s main story. This rank is proof that you’ve explored, discovered, and experienced everything there is in the game. On top of that, you’re also given a trophy or achievement to go along with it.

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Psychonauts 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.