How to Play Lies of P Early (via Time Zone Trick)

How to Play Lies of P Early (via Time Zone Trick) cover

You can play Lies of P early if you’re willing to thinker with your settings a bit. This soulslike interpretation of the famous children’s fantasy novel from Italian writer Carlo Collodi has everyone excited to get their hands on what may be the closest thing to Bloodborne 2.0 we’re gonna get. And you can actually play Lies of P early a little bit earlier than everyone else.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to do the New Zealand Trick to get early access to lies of P. It will involve New Zealand’s time zone and the game releasing ahead of time there.

How to do New Zealand Trick to Play Lies of P Early

The New Zealand Trick involves changing your region to New Zealand in order to trick the servers into letting you play Lies of P early. It does involve doing a couple of steps first and unfortunately isn’t a guarantee that it’ll work because it seems that developers have gotten wind of this trick. Still, it requires only a little effort on your part so it may be worth the trouble.

Here’s how you do the New Zealand Trick for Lies of P:

  • Step 1: You’ll need to pre-order Lies of P. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game already but are planning on it, you should. The deluxe edition of the game already offers early access letting players access Lies of P four days ahead of its release on September 19, 2023. So unless you’re planning on getting the deluxe edition, just buy the standard one.
  • Step 2: Go ahead and Preload Lies of P. Preload files for Lies of P should already be available at the time of this writing. If you bought a copy of the game, you can download it ahead of schedule.
  • Step 3: Change your time zone. On PlayStation this can be found under Settings and then System and change the Date and Time.
  • Step 4: Change your system’s time zone to Wellington. This should allow you to access Lies of P early. Just restart your console afterwards.

Make sure to keep the settings to Wellington until the game properly releases. Once Lies of P is released on September 19, 2023 you can go ahead and change the time zone back to where you live. The catch is that this may only work for PlayStation players because of the game’s different launch times as we explain further below.

Alternatively, you can create a new PlayStation profile and set its region to New Zealand. However this method is a bit more annoying to do considering that you’ll have to purchase the game once again on a different account. Only use this method as a last resort if nothing else worked.

Unfortunately for PC players, this may prove to be a bit more challenging because of how strict Steam is when it comes to region pricing. For Xbox players, the New Zealand launch time is scheduled to be the same around the world. It’s more of a hassle to work for anything other than the PlayStation consoles.

The only other way to play Lies of P early is by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game. Which is at $69.98 USD a little under $10 more than the base edition of the game.

When Does Lies of P Come Out on New Zealand?

Lies of P will release on New Zealand on September 19, 3 AM. The game’s launch time is scheduled to be the same for Xbox and PC and adjusted for different time zones. However PlayStation players have the game launch on midnight at local time so you can use the New Zealand trick to play it early.

What Time Does Lies of P Come Out?

Lies of P is scheduled to come out on September 18, 3 PM UTC for Xbox and PC. This will be September 19, 3 AM for New Zealand time. However for PlayStation consoles, the game will release on midnight for their local regions. Those who purchased the Lies of P Deluxe Edition, you can already download the game since September 15 and start playing early.

Lies of P Release Date Game Pass

Lies of P is coming out on Game Pass this September 18 as a day one release. You can play it at 3 PM UTC which is the same time it releases for everyone else on Xbox consoles and PC.

And that’s everything we have for this quick Lies of P early guide. Follow the steps above, and you could find yourself playing the game early ahead of most players.

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