How to Score Kill Assists in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Kill Assists Halo Infinite

One of the more frustrating challenges in Halo Infinite multiplayer is scoring kill assists. There are usually a lot of them and they’re not so easy to get due to how obscure kill assists can be in this game. My time in the Halo Infinite Tenrai event has left me in frustration as I scored more kills than the assists I was tasked to do.

How to Score Assists in Halo Infinite

Assists in Halo Infinite can be obscure. Despite doing relatively good damage to enemy Spartans, you may still not get the kill assist score you want.

On any other game, scoring assists might be easier but not in Halo Infinite. After experimenting for a bit, I learned why this might be.

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How Assists Work in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

In Halo Infinite, your teammate’s kills won’t count as your assists if the enemy player’s shield has already started regenerating.

This is true even if you nearly kill an enemy player but they die to your friends before their shields fully regenerate. And enemy shields in this game start regenerating pretty fast after not taking damage for a while.

Sensor Assists Don’t Count

Even with the game notifying you that you got a Sensor Assist, don’t bother thinking you can take advantage of the Sensor ability to rack up your assists numbers. This doesn’t actually contribute to your overall assists score.

Pick Up the Disruptor


One of the best weapons to prevent the enemy’s shield from regenerating is this EMP Banished weapon, the Disruptor. It isn’t just for vehicles. A few shots will disable the enemy’s armor for a good while so your teammates can secure the kill.

The Disruptor isn’t to be overlooked. It’s got almost no recoil, quick to reload, and a fast fire rate.

Stick With a Teammate

Of course, you’re never going to earn those assists if you’re alone. You’re better off sticking with teammates while carrying a weaker weapon so you don’t actually kill anyone. We recommend taking these weapons that don’t do too much damage to secure the kill.

  • Disruptor
  • Plasma Pistol
  • MA40 Assault Rifle
  • VK47 Commando
  • MK50 Sidekick
  • Needler

Finishing Weekly Challenges

Yoroi Armor Core
You want this armor? You got to work for it.

With how slow the progression system is for the battle pass and event pass in Halo Infinite right now, scoring kill assists has got to be one of the more taxing things to do. Especially when you’re asked to score 20 kill assists which may take a long time to do.

If you want that pretty Yoroi Samurai armor, then doing these challenges are a must. You won’t be able to finish the Tenrai event otherwise. So if you’re looking to progress your battle pass or event pass much sooner then you need to know how to rack up those kill assists.

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