How to Superglide in Apex Legends

Learn how to superglide in Apex Legends using either a keyboard or controller.

How to Superglide in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Superglide is a neat little trick where you can utilize your movement using ledges to give you a speed boost. It can be a bit tricky to utilize this movement but it can pay off spectacularly should you master it. But how exactly do you do a superglide?

There are other techniques you may have heard of such as tap-strafing and bunny-hopping but those two are entirely different from supergliding. In this guide we’ll teach you how to superglide in Apex Legends.

What are Superglides in Apex Legends?

A superglide is a movement technique in Apex Legends that utilizes a wall or a ledge to gain a boost in speed. Superglides can be used in a variety of ways either to escape an attacking team, outmaneuver your opponents, or stay clear of the closing circle.

Superglides are simple on paper but they can take some practice to execute. Your timing has to be perfect in order to do a superglide so you’ll have to put some time in the Firing Range to properly do the movement technique.

How to Superglide in Apex Legends?

To Superglide in Apex Legends you have to find a wall or a ledge that you can vertically run on and once on top hit the crouch button and jump button at the same time. This will give you more forward momentum and you slide forward with more speed than usual. If you are using using a controller, you have to:

  1. Go to Settings and set yourself to Auto Sprint
  2. Change your Crouch settings to Hold instead of Toggle
  3. Practice pressing the Jump and Crouch button once you’re at the top of the wall or ledge in the Firing Range

How to Practice Supergliding:

  1. Go to the Firing Range
  2. Drop down below to the ramps where weapons are located
  3. Choose the wall or ledge you want to superglide off of
  4. Climb the wall or ledge until you reach the top
  5. Immediately press the jump and crouch button at the same time

If you do the above steps correctly, you should be propelled in to direction you were moving. While the steps sound simple, they’re incredibly difficult to execute making it easier to watch someone else do it online rather than attempting it yourself.

Can You Do Superglides in Consoles?

You can do superglides on consoles however they are notoriously difficult on a controller. There isn’t any difference between the PC and the console versions of Apex Legends so they’re mechanically the same. However supergliding on a console will take some reconfiguration on your controller that you might not be comfortable with.

Supergliding itself can be notoriously difficult even on mouse and keyboard so it will take even more practice to accurately nail down supergliding on a controller. If you’re on the consoles, you most likely won’t meet that many people doing superglides in the game unless you’re going to turn on crossplay.

Apex Legends is a battle royale that has always been about movement. Those who know how to get around fast and efficiently are usually the ones who are best at the game. While you do need gunplay to succeed, you’ll be at a heavy disadvantage if you’re not used to movement shooters. One of the little tricks players came up without, probably without intention from Respawn, is the superglide which is a game changer if utilized properly.

And that’s how you do a superglide in Apex Legends. If this guide really helped you out, we have other Apex Legends content you might be interested in.

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