How to Unlock Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlock Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

Privacy is an archaic thing with magic to unlock locks in Hogwarts Legacy. Nobody’s secrets are safe from you when you can use magic to get rid of any locked door, chests, and etc. There are some powerful magical items and equipment to be found by taking the time to learn how to get rid of any lock that tries to protect them from you.

So we’ve made this guide to show you how to unlock locks in Hogwarts Legacy so you can get yourself some of that sweet loot.

How to Open Locks in Hogwarts Legacy?

You’ll need to learn Alohomora which is the spell that allows you to pick locks in Hogwarts Legacy in order to unlock any of the locks in the game. This is an essential spell that can be learned after completing the The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament which is a main story quest that can be taken midway through the main story

Once you learn how to use Alohomora, unlocking locks takes place in a minigame not unlike other RPGs. In this minigame you’ll have to rotate both the green and red lights until the gears in the background start spinning. After finding the correct position for both lights, hold it at that position for a few seconds to unlock locks in Hogwarts Legacy.

Locks in Hogwarts Legacy feature multiple levels and you need to upgrade Alohomora apt in order to unlock tougher locks. This is done by finding Demiguise Moons which is an entirely optional activity. Alohomora will level up depending on how many Demiguise Moons you find.

  • Alohomora Level 1: Gained automatically.
  • Alohomora Level 2: Find 9 Demiguise Moons.
  • Alohomora Level 3: Find 13 Demiguise Moons.

Demiguise Moons can only be found in the night. You’ll have to fast forward time by going to the map and choosing to wait if you’re still playing during the day. You can use Revelio to pinpoint their location and you’ll know you found one because they glow blue.

Demiguise Moon Locations

Here is where you can find Demiguise Moons in Hogwarts Legacy so you can level up Alohomora:

Demiguise Moon Locations, Unlock Locks in Hogwarts Legacy


There are 9 Demiguise Moons in Hogsmeade you can find and they’re quite close to each other. Some of them are hidden behind a Level 2 lock so you won’t be able to get to them until later on.

Upper Hogsfield

Not too far from Hogsmeade is the village of Upper Hogsfield where you can find more Demiguise Moons. There’s only a few houses up this way so you won’t have to look far for the remaining 4 Demiguise Moons.

Check out this Youtube video from PVP Cat showing you how to open locks in Hogwarts Legacy.