Interview: The Fabled Sky – How The Developers Soared Through The Process | ARCHCon 2017

As part of Sirus Gaming, I was given the chance to interview Clint Cagang of Red Trident Games, the head developer who help created The Fabled Sky, a game that’s being showcased at ARCHCon. So here are his thoughts regarding the questions that I had to ask him about the game and the company itself.

So how did you come across the name Red Trident Games for your development company?

Clint: So originally we wanted something to have red in it, but we wanted something that didn’t seem so evil or like…..yeah. But we also wanted something that sounded rebellious and we felt that Trident had that sort of strong feel that we wanted. So we just put Red and Trident together and that’s how we got it.

What is The Fabled Sky all about?

Clint: It’s like an action game but it’s also an arcade game. We designed this game specifically for ARCHCon so people can come in, play the game for 10 to 15 minutes and leave. So we tried to make the game as easy as possible for the players.

How did you go about the game’s concept for Fabled Sky?

Clint: Um, to be honest, a lot of us in the development team didn’t really know each other before the project. I just wanted a project that we were all comfortable doing. We all just sort of decided like “Oh I just want to do the art” or “Oh I want to do the game design”  and eventually we just knew that this game is about seeking something that’s there, but you have to work for it. And that’s exactly what Fabled Sky is all about.

So was the development process grueling in any way? Where there any problems you encountered?

Clint: Okay, so were so chill during the first 5 months. We had around 6 months to do this, during the first 5 months we all just said “I think we can do this no problem!” On the final month we realized that we only had just one month left so we haven’t slept for the past 3 weeks. It was still fun though!

What aspect of the game or game development are you particularly proud of?

Clint: Well for me personally, since I was the one that produced the game, it was how we all just got along well during the process and how we learned a lot from each other and this is our first game so you know! It was fun! Half of the time we didn’t even know what we were doing and half of the time we were learning how things worked, but at the same time we all enjoyed working with everyone so yeah it was good.

Are you happy with the overall outcome of The Fabled Sky?

Clint: Yes we are, but it’s still not at a level where it can make money and we know that people wouldn’t buy it just yet. But it’s great for a demo and I think that if you make a video out of it like one’s for trailers, then it would probably really look good.

So on a side note; do you have any expectations for this year’s ARCHCon?

Clint: It’s actually our first time holding a booth. This company was just made like this April or March so you know we don’t know what’s gonna to happen! Haha!

Thank you very much for the opportunity to interview you.

Clint: Yes, yes no worries. Glad to do this.

With that, I’ll be looking to play the demo on The Fabled Sky to see if it truly lives up to the expectations of both the players and that of the developers.