Is Alone in the Dark coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Alone in the Dark is a highly anticipated horror game set to release on Xbox Series X/S, but can you play it on Xbox Game Pass? Here's everything you need to know.

Is Alone in the Dark coming to Xbox Game Pass

Taking a new approach to the horror series, Alone in the Dark (2024) promises to take players on a terrifying journey full of mystery-solving puzzles, making it one of the most awaited horror games of 2024. In that sense, an important question comes to mind: will “Alone in the Dark” be available on Xbox Game Pass when it releases? As such, let’s go over the details on whether or not Alone in the Dark is coming to the Game Pass library.

Will Alone in the Dark be available on Xbox Game Pass?

No, at the time of writing, there is currently no word on whether or not Alone in the Dark will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Despite the game’s availability on Xbox Series X/S, it seems that fans eager to play the horror game will need to purchase it directly, as it’s currently available for pre-order in different editions on the Xbox store.

Even though “Alone in the Dark” won’t be available on Game Pass at launch, it could be added at a later date. Considering how many games do end up in the Game Pass library after their initial release, it’s helping to think that this title might be one of them. Possible reasons for the game’s delayed release on Game Pass include the game’s lack of exclusivity with Microsoft or the small number of THQ Nordic games available at the moment. Anyone interested in trying out “Alone in the Dark” before investing money can do so by downloading the game’s free prologue from Steam.

As it stands, “Alone in the Dark” will not be available on Xbox Game Pass at its March 20, 2024, launch. Even if this will let down some fans, the buzz for the game is still great, and it’s likely to be added to the Game Pass library in the future.