Is Max Payne in Alan Wake 2? (Explained)

Could this character signal the crossover of the troubled ex-cop into the mist-shrouded Washington county?

Is Max Payne in Alan Wake 2?

Remedy Entertainment, well before the creation of Alan Wake 2, gave us the noir tales of a haunted former detective in their seminal Max Payne series. Now, as the eerie atmosphere of Bright Falls takes shape once more, infused with the otherworldly disturbances reminiscent of Control, a character bearing an uncanny resemblance has sparked a wave of speculation. One can’t help but wonder, is Max Payne in Alan Wake 2?

Is Max Payne in Alan Wake 2?

No, Max Payne is not in Alan Wake 2 nor does he make an appearance, as Remedy Entertainment no longer holds the rights to the character. Max Payne is now owned by Rockstar Games. Nevertheless, Remedy has ingeniously navigated this limitation by creating a new character in the game who bears a striking resemblance to Max in both demeanor and visual design.

In Alan Wake 2, players encounter a nod to the iconic Max Payne through the character of Alex Casey. With a penchant for dark commentary reminiscent of Max’s, Alex Casey seems to be Remedy’s homage to their beloved detective. Intriguingly, both characters are visually modeled after Sam Lake, suggesting a thoughtful parallel in their creation.

The narrative cleverly distinguishes Alex Casey’s roles within its universe. To Alan, Alex Casey is the protagonist of his bestselling thriller novels. In contrast, for the character Saga, Alex Casey is a living, breathing FBI agent, often ridiculed by colleagues for sharing his name with the protagonist of Alan’s fiction.

This duality reaches its apex in the game’s mysterious ‘Dark Place,’ where as Alan Wake, players delve into Casey’s psyche, hearing his thoughts during a harrowing investigation in the Initiation chapters. Here, the homage to Max Payne becomes even more tangible, offering players a sense of familiarity within the unfamiliar world of Alan Wake 2

Remedy’s homage to Max Payne in Alan Wake 2 may not be a final goodbye to the IP they once worked on. The game’s recent success has spurred Remedy Entertainment to partner up with Rockstar once more for a possible Max Payne remake.

How Alex Casey Connects Alan Wake 2 to Max Payne

It’s impossible not to look at Alex Casey and not immediately draw comparisons between him and Max Payne. Casey isn’t Max Payne, but he’s a guy played by Sam Lake who played Max Payne and is now playing a guy who is just like Max Payne. Same actor, same style, same likeness, and etc.

This may seem like a neat little callout to previous works from the developers but Alex Casey plays a very important role in Alan Wake 2. He’s the main character that Alan uses as a literal narrative device to create a path for himself in The Dark Place. As Alan tries to escape, he continuously writes Casey uncovering gruesome details about a murder cult he’s investigating.

Alex Casey is also very relevant in Saga’s chapters. Since he’s also played by Sam Lake and has some striking resemblance to his book counterpart, there are arguments in the FBC if he was brought to life thanks to Alan’s writing or if it’s just pure coincidence.

Alan Wake 2's Alex Casey

Max Payne’s grim outlook is the perfect narrative tool Alan can use to forge a path for himself. Since the Dark Presence warps reality the darker the story gets, the perspective of a hard-boiled New York City cop is perfect for the job. All over New York City you get to see movie posters that centers around Alex Casey that wouldn’t look out of place for Max Payne.

Alan Wake 2 being a horror story means that we don’t really get to see Casey fighting the Taken in slow motion, but without a doubt, Alex Casey is Remedy Entertainment’s answer to losing rights to Max Payne. It’s a character they’re both familiar with and know how to use.

If you want to know what happens to Alex Casey, we do explain his fate in Alan Wake 2’s ending for those who aren’t afraid of spoilers or have already finished the game.