Is The Outlast Trials on Game Pass?

Discover if The Outlast Trials is available on Xbox Game Pass. Explore multiplayer horror and potential additions to the subscription library.

The Outlast Trials Xbox game pass

A multiplayer game like The Outlast Trials would be a perfect fit for the Xbox Game Pass library. It wouldn’t be the first time an Outlast game was on Game Pass either as we both got Outlast 1 and 2 previously. With that in mind, Is Microsoft going to score another win by adding the latest entry to their subscription library? Find out if The Outlast Trials in on Xbox Game Pass below.

IS The Outlast Trials on Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, The Outlast Trials is not on Xbox Game Pass, and there are no plans to do so just yet. You’ll have to purchase a copy of the game on the platforms it’s available on if you want to play.

Only Early Access is out right now for PC, which can be purchased through Steam and the Epic Games Store. The developers did promise that they’re planning on having The Outlast Trials fully released on as many platforms as possible, but there is still no solid confirmation that Xbox consoles will be one of them. Even with PC Game Pass, Early Access is not available in the Game Pass library.

While Outlast games have previously been on the Xbox Game Pass library, they weren’t a day one addition. It took a few years before they were added, and it may take a while before we see The Outlast Trials release on Xbox Game Pass as well. Give it a year from the full release until we hear any plans from the developers. Red Barrels, the developers of Outlast, aren’t a Microsoft first-party studio, so we’ll have to wait.

The Outlast Trials marked the first time the franchise featured multiplayer. With the developers planning to add crossplay for the game’s full release, having The Outlast Trials come out on Xbox Game Pass would attract a lot of players who are eager to try it out.

This explains if The Outlast Trials is on Xbox Game Pass. Learn more about how the game works in our other Outlast Trials articles.