The Outlast Trials Crossplay: Everything you need to know

Want to play the game with friends on different platforms? Let's see if developer Red Barrels implemented cross-platform play for the latest entry in the Outlast franchise.

The Outlast Trials will be the first game in the franchise that features multiplayer so naturally people would be curious if there’s crossplay. Even though cross-platform play should be a no brainer for modern games some still do not implement it. If you have friends who prefer to play on different platforms, you might be curious about The Outlast Trials crossplay features if you’re interested to play the game.

Does The Outlast Trials Have Crossplay?

Cross-platform play is not available in the Early Access release of The Outlast Trials. However, the developers are aiming to implement crossplay for as many platforms as they can once The Outlast Trials is fully released for consoles.

Right now, The Outlast Trials Early Access is only available on PC and can be purchased through Steam or the Epic Games Store, but not EA. You’ll be able to play between the two storefronts but won’t be able to crossplay with consoles since the game won’t be released there yet.

Note that if you decide to get it for PC, the developers have mentioned they have no plans for cross-progression. So you won’t be able to transfer any progress you’ve made to other platforms should you decide to get another copy of the game there.

We still do not have any news on when Outlast Trials will come out on consoles. Although developer Red Barrels promised that they’re working to have them out on as many platforms as possible and enable crossplay, the jury’s still out on whether we’ll ever see this game on either the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S and even be added to Xbox Game Pass just like the previous titles.

That’s everything on The Outlast Trials crossplay features. Early Access is now available for purchase on PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store.