Is there a Diablo 4 Paladin class?

Can you play as a Paladin Crusader in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 Paladin featured

We’re is our Diablo 4 Paladin class? With a demonic horde rising up from Hell again, you’d think that this crusader is the first to offer their sword. Blizzard has revealed all five playable classes that are dropping when Diablo 4 releases this June 6, 2023 and let’s see if the Paladin is one of them.

So if the Paladin class one of the classes in Diablo 4? Or have they left for more important duties than facing the demonic horde once more?

Is the Paladin class playable in Diablo 4?

The Paladin class is not playable in Diablo 4. It is not included in one of the five classes that have been revealed to be dropping on launch.

This holy class has been a much revered tank that was introduced in Diablo II. It seems that the Paladins have taken a hiatus as they’re not part of the Diablo 4 classes. At least on the initial launch. Blizzard may add Paladins as DLC classes sometime soon.

Diablo 4 Paladin class

The only five classes introduced are the Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Druid. The closest class you can play as that is similar to the Paladin would be the Barbarian. However it does lack many of the holy attacks that the Paladin class normally comes with.

The exclusion of the Paladin class in Diablo 4 is a bit of a strange taste since there are a lot of holy scriptures and knights in the game. With the return of the main villain Lilith who seeks to conquer the Sanctuary, the Paladins should be the first responders to the situation. We just have to wait and see for any Diablo 4 DLC that Blizzard might announce post launch.

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