Is There Voice Chat in Payday 3?

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Voice chat is a basic feature that allows you to communicate in-game, which Payday 3 should already have. However, despite being released in modern times, there are still multiplayer-focused games that don’t use voice chat for some reason. Let’s see if Payday 3 has voice chat features available.

Does Payday 3 Have Voice Chat?

Payday 3 does not have an in-game voice chat. In order to communicate with people you’re playing with, you have to set up a third-party app like Discord or open a party chat on consoles. This does mean that you’re unable to verbally communicate when matchmaking with random players on heists.

It’s strange that Payday 3 didn’t release with voice chat in-game. Your only other way to communicate without third-party apps like Discord is to use the ping mechanic, which is somewhat lackluster in Payday 3, or to type out sentences using texts. While typing in chat is easy for PC players, this can be annoying for those on consoles.

Now what’s bizarre is that Payday 2 did have voice chat features. It’s strange to see it not being carried over to its sequel. Payday 3 does many things right, such as its crossplay and cross-progression, making it easily the most accessible Payday game to date. However, its lack of in-game communication makes it a challenge to coordinate with players who aren’t already on a premade team.

There most likely wasn’t enough demand to have a Payday 3 voice chat feature added. We might see it added some time in future updates. At the time of this writing, Payday 3 has recently been released, and you can read our thoughts on it in the review we wrote.