It Takes Two Hit by Trademark Claim by Take Two

Take Two on a rampage on trademark and copyright claims.

It Takes Two, one of the most popular games made by Josef Fares has been hit by a trademark claim by a rather interesting party, Grand Theft Auto parent company Take Two.

The cooperative video game where two parents that were on the verge of getting divorced was recently struck by a trademark claim. Now, records show that the game developer Hazelight was forced to abandon the ownership of the name.

According to media outlet Eurogamer just recently, a spokesperson from the game developer revealed that they could not comment on the ongoing disputes, but they are hopeful that it will be resolved soon. They did not disprove though that they were forced to abandon the trademark to its game because of Take Two.

The studio did not also comment about how the sales of It Takes Two have been impacted with the dispute. No word yet if they plan to rename it or make a sequel.

This is actually not the first time that this kind of trademark and copyright claims have happened involving Take Two. There have been several other businesses and products that got affected as well.

According to the US Patent Office records, it shows that Take Two has filed several claims to the words rockstar, social club, mafia, civilization, and many more.

Take Two has not replied yet to Eurogamer after reaching for a comment.

It Takes Two is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. According to our resident reviewer, “The development might have been challenging for Hazelight but they managed to pull through and make a co-op game that’s equally stunning, wisely executed with an emotionally driven story, and exquisite.”

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