It Takes Two Sales Now Five Million Units Worldwide

Congrats Hazelight Studios!

Hazelight Studios is proud to announce that their latest title It Takes Two has now sold five million copies worldwide and everyone is celebrating with them.

Co-op platformer video game It Takes Two is a great game to play together with a friend and many critics praised it when it launched last year. It even garnered the Game of the Year award from The Game Awards recently. It also ranked on many lists of best games for 2021 since it was that good. Now, its sales prove its popularity as it has now sold five million copies across all platforms it is available on.

This is a big milestone improvement as it upgraded from its three million copies sold announcement last October 2021. The developers are quite shocked by how many players have enjoyed their game as it has now climbed with an additional two million unit sales.

It seems players are not the only ones that are quite impressed with the co-op game. A report by Variety recently revealed there is a multi-party bidding war happening as Hollywood studios are trying to get their hands on the rights to adapt It Takes Two on the big and small screen.

It Takes Two is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.