Jump Force New Leak Reveals Dragon Quest, JoJo Characters Coming

Jump Force picollo

Just recently in a surprising new leak, an ad coming from a social media platform revealed that upcoming 3D action fighting video game Jump Force might just get more characters soon.

Jump Force new characters leaked

The new characters that were leaked by an Instagram ad are actually from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. These characters specifically are Dai and Jotaro Kujo respectively.

At first, some of the expecting fans did not believe and wanted to throw away this type of rumor, but there was evidence. This evidence came in the form of an ad-hoc and several other fans saw the ad. It even extended to other social platforms. The official confirmation from Bandai Namco Entertainment might be released sometime soon.

The game will be launched on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It will be released this coming Feb. 15.

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