Junker Queen Fully Revealed During Summer of Gaming 2022 Livestream Event

Overwatch 2 - Junker Queen Reveal Event

During the Summer of Gaming 2022 Livestream today, Blizzard has fully revealed Junker Queen to the roster of Overwatch 2. The devs describe her as an “aggressive tank” and she embodies everything the new Overwatch PvP is. This is because she was designed with the intent of 5v5 combat in mind.

Junker Queen lives on the front lines. Give her an inch and she’ll take everything and leave you a bloody mess on the ground. Junker Queen’s kit appears to have been designed to dismantle grouped-up enemies and tear them apart one by one. To counter her, players might have to spread out and focus fire on her.

All in all, Junker Queen can do a little bit of everything. She can deal with quite a bit of damage, she can heal herself like a support character, and relentless attacks ensure that the enemy will not be focusing on her and not on her supports. Like a proper tank should.

Junker Queen Abilities

Junker Queen’s abilities appear to be a combination of other heroes’ abilities. Her shotgun is like Reaper’s. Her Commanding Shout ability gives nearby allies a brief speed boost – like what Lucio does. And her Ultimate, Rampage, denies healing – like what Ana-nade does.


Junker Queen is capable of dealing damage over time to enemies and heals back health in return. This passive really well with her aggressive playstyle.

Primary weapon:

A 6-shot shotgun that’s strongest in short-range.

1st Ability – Jagged Blade:

Junker Queen throws her knife “Gracie” into an enemy as a secondary fire on a cooldown. She can then recall the knife back, pulling her opponent with it and inflicting Wound.

2nd Ability – Commanding Shout:

An AoE Buff that boosts the speed and grants overhealth to nearby allies.

Lucio main note: Will both speed boosts stack? Or will Blizzard cap it like they always do?

3rd Ability – Carnage:

Also the name of her ax. It is an attack that seems to deal significant damage to enemies in a cone and inflicts Wound. Similar to Rein’s hammer but goes on cooldown after use.

Ultimate – Rampage:

The Ult pulls Junker Queen’s weapons together, creating a whirlwind of charged metal, propels Junker Queen forward and inflicts Wounded on enemies struck by it, and applies the Anti-heal Debuff for a short amount of time.

Quick melee:

A knife attack does more damage than normal melee attacks and inflicts Wound on the enemy.

The newly released animated short reveals that Junker Queen – real name Odessa “Dez” Stone – was an outcast of Junkertown. And it was the future “King” of Junkertown who exiled them. After 13 years of wandering the wastes, Junker Queen returned to get her revenge on the man who took everything from her.

Junker Queen will be playable when the PvP game hits Early Access on October 4, 2022, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Players participating in the beta on June 28th can preview her ahead of the PvP Early Access launch.

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