Jusant: All 4 Altar Locations Guide (Back in Motion Achievement)

Learn where to find all the Altars in Jusant and unlock the Back in Motion achievement with the help of this guide.

Jusant Altars cover

Altars are interactable locations in Jusant. These altars depict stories of the land and its history with the tides when the Tower was still inhabited by people. Read ahead as we share the locations of all the Altars in Jusant.

There are a total of four Altars to be discovered, one for each of the chapters from Chapter 2 onward. Altars are usually in hidden locations within the Tower, and to interact with one, approach and hold it with both hands. Then, spin it towards the left, and it will be activated.

Discovering all Altars in the game will reward the Back in Motion achievement.

Jusant Altar #1 Location

Altar #1 can be found in Chapter 2: Migration. Once you reach the base of the large settlement, go towards the left side, where the yellow circle window is. Go to the side alley where the window is, then turn left.

Make your way to the lit corridor to the right and you’ll find the altar room.

Jusant Altar #2 Location

Altar #2 can be found in Chapter 3: Solstice. After reaching the path lined with pillars, head into the building and follow the path until you reach the room with a hole on the floor. Rappel down and you’ll arrive at the altar room.

Jusant Altar #3 Location

Altar #3 can be found in Chapter 4: Convergence. After crossing the long plank bridge, continue climbing up the rest of the rockface up ahead and you’ll arrive at a narrow ledge. Cross the ledge, and before heading through the next passageway, clip on to the anchor nearby and rappel down the ledge to the right.

You’ll find a cave opening just below you. Swing towards the opening to get inside the altar room.

Jusant Altar #4 Location

The Final Altar can be found in Chapter 5: Mirage. Starting from Bianca’s tent, continue climbing until you reach the relay that’s under a windsock. Attach yourself to the relay and then rappel down.

You’ll see a cave opening that has a vine beside it. Swing towards the opening and you’ll arrive at the altar room.

That covers every Altar location in Jusant. If you’re looking to find all the other collectibles in the game, you can refer to our complete collectibles guide here.